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Feb 27, 2012 09:07 AM

Last Minute Business Trip to Nashville - 1 day only!

I just booked a one day trip to Nashville leaving tomorrow! Never been before so I am landing first thing in the morning for a 3:00 meeting, that gives me time for breakfast, walking around/shopping, and lunch before my meeting. My meeting is downtown (5th & James Robinson Parkway). My plan is to hop in a taxi from the airport and take it to a place downtown for breakfast and then walk around unitl lunch (nice lunch with a glass of wine), then off to my meeting. Any suggestions for breakfast/lunch and where to walk around in between?

Thanks for any last minute advice you can offer this newbie!

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  1. After doing some research here I should mention I'm totally willing to forego the nice lunch with wine if I should be focusing more on Nashville "treasures"! I could see going to Arnold's for lunch (meatloaf, mac n' cheese, yams and greens!), but maybe a lighter breakfast would be in order!

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      Ask the cab to take you to the Crema for a cappuccino and a danish, they're located on 1st ave just a click away from downtown. I would definitely do Arnold's for lunch. In fact, it's my number 1 recommendation for a downtown area lunch. In my opinion they’re the finest example of what a meat & three should be.

      1. re: pete k

        Thank you! Sounds like a plan! Anything on the walk between Crema to Arnold's that is noteworthy?

        1. re: kireland

          You’re between 1st and 8th ave, you’ll have quite a bit of distance to cover should you choose to walk. Some notable stops along the way are the Country Music Hall of Fame on 5th & Demonbruen. That area has a lot of construction going on, so it might be tricky getting around by foot. You can also walk up 1st or 2nd avenue to Broadway and stop into Hatch Show Print or anyone of the honkey tonks depending on what time you go. Walk up to 4th avenue north and take a tour of The Ryman Auditorium, truly one of Nashville’s finest treasures.

          1. re: pete k

            Thank you! I wish I had more time - it looks like it would be cool to walk around over by elliston Place and Music Row too. I think I'll stick to downtown though and see the Hall of Fame and Ryland Auditorium.