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Feb 27, 2012 08:29 AM

a bed and breakfast?

Could someone recommend a good bed and breakfast in the DC/VA/MD area? We've looking for a good food 2 night getaway

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  1. I'm sure you've found lists like below:

    There used to be a Hound on this board that had a B&B up on 16th. I *think it's this one, but it's been awhile since I've known for sure.

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      The inn at Perry Cabin in St Michaels, MD
      The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia

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        Maryland and Virginia have literally hundreds of B and Bs. How much do you want to spend? Do you have any particular activities in mind? Urban vs country. With a great restaurant, or do you want to go out somewhere too. How far will you travel since it is quite a wide area, from Maryland mountains to the eastern shore to the Tidewater of VA.

        The ones d with d suggested are good, and very much higher end.

    2. If you want to spend less there are a ton of B & B s in cape may nj. You have the beauty of the beach off season. You can drive direct or drive to lewes del and take the cape may ferry for an adventure and there are plenty of great restaurants with many being BYOB. Also great bicycling opportunity irked and Victorian turn of the century homes. Very relaxing and a great place to read a book. With this unseasonably warm weather you could take advantage of no crowds and coastal ambiance

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        Thank you all for the information. I hadn't thought to use the internet for the B&B until yesterday. We really are looking for good restaurants and views. I have a disability that makes bicycling not possible and walking is very limited. But love to go places and do what I am able.

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          One of my favorite restaurants is L'auberge Provencale, if you like French food. I haven't stayed at the Inn but the rooms look beautiful.

          More casual, we love the Inn at Vaucluse Springs. The Inn location/rooms can't be beat. The food is good, not the same quality as L'Auberge Provencale but still good. It's more along the lines of a good home cook on Friday night, than a chef. Saturdays are a more formal meal but we haven't had that. Good hearty breakfast.

          I prefer the newer rooms in the cottages or the Mill House over the older accommodations.

      2. A vacation in the city - The Swann House. It's gorgeous, well run, and the breakfast always smells amazing (I live next to it and often smell it). You can see a lot, take a cab to a lot of restaurants, or just relax in the gorgeous setting. They also have a pool!

        1. I have to recommend the Ashby Inn in Paris, VA, about a 90 minute drive from DC. Their chef, Tarver King, is simply phenomenal and the rooms are really pleasant.