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Feb 27, 2012 08:07 AM

How's the meat at Arctic Market and Butcher in Point Pleasant?

I drove through Point on Saturday, on my way to the Hickory Hog to pick up a quart of barbeque sauce for DH's pulled pork. I noticed the Arctic Market and Butcher shop in town. I'm looking for a more local place to pick up some good meats. I never seem to make it to Red Bank and Monmouth Meat.

How is the selection? Can I get things cut to order? What has been your experience there?

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  1. It's a decent, clean place - certainly a step up from supermarkets. They don't have quite the selection of a place like D.A. Barsch in Toms River, but it's worth checking out. They do have some prime beef offerings, though none of it aged.* Here's a link to their "menu:" Upon inquiry, I was told that they will order cuts that they don't otherwise carry (is was specifically looking for veal breast at the time). Also, I suppose it worth noting, they did not appear to carry heritage pork.

    *If you want dry aged beef, you can find that at Mossuto's in Wall or, during the summer, Tom Bailey's Market in Spring Lake.

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      1. I practically live in Point Pleasant and was not aware of this butcher shop. I know the location so I guess it's fairly new or just doesn't stand out while driving by. My go to place for steaks in this area is Colonial Market on Bridge Ave (about 2 blocks east pass the Stop and Shop. Great steaks, sides and baked goods. My wife and I split a 24 oz boneless sirlion that I grilled to perfection on Saturday. Outstanding! Sirlion is my favorite and I have to say this was truly memorable.

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          Just to help us understand, the sirloin came from Colonial or Arctic?

          To the OP - Have you tried it yet? I've been back a couple times now and continue to like it more. We really enjoyed their sweet Italian sausages recently, having cooked them indirectly with oak and charcoal as the fuel. A truly wonderful accompaniment to some steamed lobsters and shrimp from Point Lobster. Those two places, combined with the growler service at the new Spirits and the farmer's market, I'm starting to soften on my near lifelong stance of not crossing the Bridge on Summer weekends.

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            No, I haven't been yet. Crossing the bridge on the weekends when I'm not working isn't high on my list right now! But...maybe on a day off during the week, if one arises.

        2. Arctic Meat was a classic old school butcher shop some years ago in the same spot. It's changed hands a few times, but as a previous poster has noted, it's now run by a relatively young, local guy, who grew up with, and wants to emulate the old shop.

          I've been happy with what I've bought there, but they really like to sell prepared meats - kebobs & marinated, etc., and I like to do that myself, so I'm not their primary audience.

          That said, they say they have grass fed beef, and they have a good line of gourmet sausages that I've got in the freezer, dying to try.

          Stopped in for ground beef on the fly the other night, and it was good quality & fresh.

          I'm told they also picked up the kielbasa & polish meats that the shop a couple of doors down stopped selling. The kielbasa was top notch (had it from Arctic the other night) and they carry some polish hot dogs, too.

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          1. re: ooi82much

            The hot dogs were excellent - big, natural casing, sold singly. They are from a Polish deli "up north" (which to me means pretty much any place north of Keyport) - the name, however, escapes me . . . .

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              I think they were "Polaski" but I will check next time I'm there. They were similar to Thumanns, not quite the same spice mix, though.

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                Actually, I think you're right - they have Pulaski (such a generic Polish name, how could I forget?) out of Linden and Thumanns.

                1. re: MGZ

                  Wow! How could I have spelled that one wrong? Grew up in a Polish town in Mass. & everyone but us, it seemed, was!