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Feb 27, 2012 05:40 AM

Nymphenburg area, Munich

I will be in Munich briefly this week and am hoping for recommendations within walking distance of Schloss Nymphenburg. Unfortunately I won't be able to venture far.

I am looking for German food or other cuisines that are hard to find in the US. (So I'd pass on Italian.) No fine dining -- just hearty, causal spots for breakfast, snacks, and full meals. I don't mind if it's touristy so long as the food is good.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I researched for this type of alternative when we were in the area last summer, but didnt find anything - walking distance that looked worthwhile or doable.. maybe you will have better luck or will get a better grip on the geography than we did - the Hirschgarten (not particularly recommended for its food but maybe meeting your needs) is close, for example, but not near the Palace proper. . Nymphenberg - especially the buildings on the grounds and most especially Amalienberg - are amazing, as is the adjoining extensive botaniical garden, with amazing rock garden, glass houses and other collections. Distances for walking are fairly large out there. Here is a resource from another site that shows nearby places, but many are, as I said a long walk. had a casual lunch at the snack bar/cafe on the grounds - it is acceptable bar food, no more. If your visit is on business, id suggest asking your local contacts for recommendations.

    Ill be interested to hear what others suggest/what you find.

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      ps I see that the Munich Spotted by Locals blog recommends

      Lupo di Cucina

      Blutenburgstrasse 50

      it may fit your parameters.

    2. The only one I would recommend within walking distance is Acetaia, which is both upscale and Italian. If you are willing to hop on the 17 tram, it's a 5 minutes ride to Augustiner Keller on Arnulfstrasse, which meets all your other criteria.

      1. looking forward to hearing how your Munich eating went.

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          Not much Munich eating. I skipped the Nymphenburg area entirely and took my two free meals in the city center:

          1) snacking at the Viktualienmarkt, where there are lots of food stalls. I can't remember the names of the places, but there was a large seafood place with excellent matjes herring, and lots of great options for sausage and leberkase

          2) dinner at Der Pschorr, a restaurant on the Viktualienmarkt, for Bavarian specialties. Delicious sauerkraut and cold cabbage slaw, roast pork, and so on. One can reserve online using a multilingual interface. Would go back there in a heartbeat.

          For whatever it's worth, the Munich airport has good options. I like the Thai beef salad at Bamee and the Weisswurst breakfast at the first place one comes to when entering Terminal H.

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            seems you made a smart choice. I think Der Pschorr is just about perfect for what it is. Very well made food, great casual atmosphere. Not to mention the beer.