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Feb 27, 2012 04:53 AM

seeking recs for in and around Treasure Island, Florida

My wife and I will be spring breaking there in April and are interested in casual, innovative, fresh, non-chain breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare. We are esp. interested in screaming fresh seafood, baked goods, and Cuban fare, but any cuisine and price range is fine as long as it isn't super expensive. Full bar a plus. Thanks in advance. (We'll be staying about 6-7 blocks from John's Pass, if that helps.)

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  1. In Treasure Island I think the most recommended restaurant is Middle Grounds Grill, it pops up on all the threads, though I haven't dined there myself.

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      A second for Middle Grounds Grill. If you go, seriously consider their Special of the Day. It is frequently a fish not commonly available on menus around here (cobia, tilefish...), superbly fresh and creatively prepared.

      Are you wine drinkers, by chance? If so, go on Wednesday (half-price bottles of wine night!).

    2. Cuban Food-
      1. Get a Cuban sandwich for lunch from The Floridian. It's in Treasure Island and is about best around.
      2.You can never go wrong with the Colombia restaurant either at The Pier or the original in Ybor City (Tampa)

      1. Keegan's in Indian Rocks- Check out the you tube video of it on Diner's Drive-in and Dives
      2. Guppy's- Also in Indian Rocks. Little more upscale, but really great.
      For Pete's Sake, whatever you do don't go to Bubba Gumps at John's Pass.

      Always recommended- Red Mesa (Not Red Mesa Cantina, although it's good too.) It's Southwest Cuisine and consistently one of the best restaurants in St. Pete.

      One last thing- If you can drive and will have the ability to cook a bit on your own, make a drive to Bama Seafood. It has a very small retail shop but sells fresh, cheap, and very large local head-on shrimp. Don't buy some Thai shrimp from the grocery. These shrimp are fresh and excellent.

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        Thanks, Guys. Keep 'em coming. (P.S. I avoid Bubba Gump's like the plague, no matter the location.)

        1. Lighthouse Gulf & 3rd., Indian Rocks Beach.

          1. Waltz Fish Shak in Johns Pass for casual seafood. Five minutes away in town is Alesia with French/Vietnameseincluding baked goods (not a huge selection but good). Gigi's for pizza. Ricky T's for breakfast. Have fun!!!

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              Sounds good. Thank you! Please let me know if you think of anything else.

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                Anybody have an opinion on or know anything about the restaurant(s) at the Post Card Inn?

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                  Beachwood BBQ and Burgers - We have never had their burgers, but have gone there many times for the barbecue. I especially like the pulled chicken and the brisket. The collard greens and baked beans are very good too.