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Feb 27, 2012 03:45 AM

How do I save leftover anchovy fillets?

I bought a tin of anchovy fillets last night to use in a recipe I made for my husband's dinner. I only needed four and there are several left in the can. I covered what was left and put it in the fridge for now, but I am wondering what to do with them. Can I freeze them?? Or do I need to use them now? Or do I just feed them to the cat? Thanks!

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  1. Anchovies tend to be heavily salted so they should keep for a while in the fridge

    1. I freeze them. I wrap them in plastic, then put them into a chinese food container, with other little things (chilies in adobo is another) so I can find them easily. So I have one quart size chinese food container with a bunch of little wrapped up leftover things. So much easier to find this way.

      1. I also freeze them. I tend to mash them up, spread them thin on a piece of parchment, then freeze. Once solid, I wrap them well in plastic. Whenever I need some, I just break off a piece. I tend to never use the whole fillet, they are always mashed, so this works for me.

        1. I just put them in the fridge along with any oil form the tin. They'll last for weeks - possibly months but I've always used them within a few eeks.

          1. I used to freeze them also. For the last couple of years I've been buying anchovy paste.