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Feb 27, 2012 03:26 AM

Birmingham's Chef Chris Hastings (Hot & Hot Fish Club) vs. Bobby Flay on Iron Chef

I won't spoil it in case folks were busy watching the Oscars last night and missed the program. But, from what I saw, Chef did an excellent job of bringing a bit of the 'Ham to NY.

He took up local ingredients, as well as specially designed plates by local potter Tena Payne.

Very nice to see one of our local Chefs bringing Birmingham to light in a positive manner.

Excellent write up in this morning's Birmingham News.

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  1. I was very impressed with Chef Hastings. And the episode itself was very entertaining.

    1. I agree. Thought it was an entertaining episode and he did well.

      1. My favorite part was when Alton Brown said "We're not honoring the ingredient, we're eating it!"