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Feb 27, 2012 01:37 AM

Decent Canned Smoked or Unsmoked Seafood? (Not Tuna, Mackerel, Sardines, herring or Salmon)

Sure i know fresh is best, but I'm working on a project requiring canned seafood.Has anyone had a good tasting canned seafood that is not tuna , salmon, sardines, herring or mackerel ? I'm especially curious about smoked products( smoked shrimp, octopus, squid? or unsmoked of same?) The smoked oysters and smoked clams i have tasted have been so oily and oversmoked that I didn't think much of them, but maybe there are good versions out there...? The canned products could be Asian or European or American- doesn't matter. I recently noticed a Japanese can of braised eel (unagi); anyone had that? I don't care for TrJoe's canned smoked trout- has little flavor and is dry. This is a tough one, so Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. I'm a big fan of tinned pulpo and calamaris, most being imported from either Spain or Portugal In addition canned Scungilli (welks) ,calamari ,and clams .I prefer the LaMonica brand that is available in most markets here on Long Island .I've seen Abalone in the Asian markets but have yet to try them. Have you or anyone else???

    1. well, not sure it would be to your taste, but we like canned dace (cantonese product available in most asian and all chinese groceries). it comes in a couple of different "flavors", plain fried, w/ black bean. with mei-cai pickle & etc. we drain it, then pan fry it and serve over rice. eagle brand (hope i am remembering correctly) is pretty good.

      also, i've had both japanese and taiwanese canned braised eel that i've liked and other brands that are way too sweet. since which brands are available varies every time i shop for it, i.e. not all that often, i just look at the cab/sugar info on the label to figure out if we might like it.

      1. I've had some surprisingly good -- not great, but more than serviceable -- canned lump crabmeat. I used to avoid this stuff like the plague, but it's actually not bad and convenient to have in the fridge. Unfortunately I don't recall the brand -- i get it at Restaurant Depot and they have a few brands. NB: Only the jumbo lump is good -- the lower grades aren't worth it.

        1. wow, this is so exciting; youall are being sooo helpful! off to find some of these. thnx so much.

          1. This is my favorite smoked seafood, although I have never bought it canned:


            (Columbia River smoked sturgeon


            For unsmoked, I recommend PNW razor clams from the same source. Minced for chowder or fritters.

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              My local food store extraordinaire, Formaggio Kitchen, sells a tiny artisinal (just 2 people!)smoked sturgeon from Oregon's Choice. They're out of it now but it's coming!(and FK does sell on line too, fyi).

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                Thanks for the tip, but I already have my ticket. Next month I will be getting it just out of the smoker!