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Feb 27, 2012 01:09 AM

Paris - in search of wine bars with great cheese/small plates at lunchtime/early afternoon

I'll be in Paris in May, Sunday - Tuesday - travelling alone (female, 50).
I'm staying in an apartment in the 2nd Arr, but will be out and about in all the usual places.

Whilst big multi-course meals are always appealing, I know from experience that at lunchtimes I'll be more in the mood for a leisurely glass of wine somewhere quiet, preferably outside, with a plate of bread and cheese to nibble.
If I were in Spain I'd go for a few tapas - but not knowing quite what to Google I don't know if there is a Parisian equivalent.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Le Rouge et Le Verre is a wine shop that runs a cave à manger. There is no corkage fee if you choose a bottle to sit down with, (And you can take home in a "baggie dog" whatever you can't finish.) Aa few French magazines consider its wine selection one of the best in Paris.
    You can order a very nice charctuerie&cheese platter for your wine. I don't remember Le Rouge et Le Verrre offering a cheese plate only.

    Come to think of it, I don't see wine&cheese as much of a French concept. Cheese is served after the main dish and is seldom served sans meal or as some kind of starter, except melted goat cheese on salad.

    1. Wine bars, somewhere quiet, preferably outside - that's a challenge.

      Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie? Arriving slightly earlier or later than traditional lunchtime to avoid the busiest time.

      What about cafes that also serve simpler meals, like omelettes or savory crepes? Or are you really set on bread and cheese plates?

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        Souvenir makes a good point. All cafes sell wine, and a range food from light snacks like a croque monsieur and salads through to heavier meals and of course cheese. So find a nice cafe terrace order some wine and relax - you don't need aspecialist wine bar - nor will they expect you to order a full meal.

        1. Thanks all for your replies especially the recs.
          I may just leave it to chance and just look for somewhere that looks pleasant wherever I happen to find myself.... but of course I'll do loads of research (that I probably won;t use) before I go, as that is half the fun!