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Can you recommend a great restaurant in central Milan for a group business dinner?

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Hello! I will be in Milan with a group of 15 colleagues for just one night in late April before heading north for a 3-day conference. We will be staying near the central train station. I am looking to take the group to a fantastic Italian restaurant and, ideally, a private room for our party. The maximum we could spend would be about $100 per person including wine/drinks. We are looking for excellent local cuisine and an atmosphere that is more lively/relaxed than formal. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. you might check out this place.



    1. As well as obviously getting direct Chow advice, here are the 10 restaurants in my 2011 Slow Food Osterie guide (in Italian). I haven't been to any of them but it's a great guide and they might be good leads to follow: Aquabella (Via San Rocco, 11); Al Bacco (Via Marcona, 1); Bottiglieria da Pino (Via Cerva, 14); Da Mirta (Piazza San Materno, 12); Emialana Tortellini (Via Ariberto, 17); L'Osteria del Treno (Via San Gregorio, 46-48); Martin Pescatore (Via Friuli, 46); Osteria Alla Grande (Via del Forze Armate, 405); Osteria Grand Hotel (Via Ascanio Sforza, 75); Ponte Rosso (Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 23); Tagiura (Via Tagiura, 5); Trattoria del Pescatore (Via Vannucci, 5).

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        It's Emiliana Tortellini, to correct my misspelling, and perhaps I should clarify that these are all of the Milanese restaurants in the Slow Food guide I have.