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Feb 26, 2012 08:42 PM

foie gras

is there any store in the denver metro area that sells foie gras? i know u can order it online, but the shipping costs almost as much as the foie gras itself. plus a lot of it online is canned; would rather buy fresh. thanks!

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    1. re: tesnjen

      oh, very cool. thank you. the hubbs works at the capitol so he can pick some up for me!

      1. re: tesnjen

        Are the prices at the market competitive? The selection looks great. I will definitely check it out when next time I get to Denver.

        1. re: krs828

          the prices at cooks fresh market are extremely high. its a specialty store so u kinda expect that. but they dont actually carry foie as i found out. they can order it for u but its mega expensive and u have to buy a whole lobe. i have recently found it at tonys italian market on broadway. they have it in smaller pieces in the freezer section, which is more what im looking for.

      2. The Pig & Block has it too- on Tejon just north of 33rd.

        1. Does anyone know of restaurants in Denver that are serving foie gras?