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Feb 26, 2012 07:47 PM

Jean talon market greehouse

I hear that jean talon market has a greenhouse with organic produce of different fruits and vegetables has anyone been already if so is it good.

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  1. You are probably thinking of Lufa (the rooftop greenhouse), located in Ahuntsic.
    No greenhouse at JTM, at least not that I'm aware of.

    1. I don't think JT has a greenhouse, it is probably Lufa as ios94 says. If you want a wonderful place for local fruits and veg it's Birri Brothers. They sell out of their elevator in the winter :).

      Happy eating, Oana

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      1. re: oana

        Luca94 is right... the greenhouse is supposed to open on april 22...

        1. re: mangeonsca

          Well not really, that's not a greenhouse... and even if they grow something on the roof, the space is still limited... I doubt they will have enough vegetables to provide everyone at the market for more than like one day!

          I like the project though

          1. re: Glaff

            Interesting, have not heard about this. Is this project still happening because that article with the April 22nd target date is from last April and I can't say I've noticed anything going on. Then again it's not like I'm looking up at the roof when I'm there.

            1. re: ios94

              The "Toit Vert" project was put on hold, last summer.


              I haven't found any other news on the subject published after that date.

              I'm pretty sure this is not was the OP is talking about. I wish they would come back and help us out.

          2. re: mangeonsca

            "might" open on the 22 if all goes according to plans.

            Funny, the image they show make it look like a circuit board.

          3. re: oana

            Oana, can you provide more info on Birri... one of the few reasons I go to JTM in the summer is them. What do you mean they sell of their elevator in the winter? thanks!