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Feb 26, 2012 04:34 PM

Restaurant Week 2012- let's talk about it!

So Restaurant Week(s) started last night, where'd ya go? Where are you going? What did you have? I'd love to hear about everyone's experiences.

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  1. I went to Maritage at the Omni Interlocken on Monday night. VERY nice hotel restaurant. We started golden beets with arugala salad and bleu cheese and the other app of mussels. I loved my guys beets. Mussels were not garlicy enough for me, but good and fresh. I had the rabbit bolognese and he had the salmon on french lentils. He liked my bolognese more than his salmon. Desserts - banana creme brulee and waffle with praline ice cream. We also did the accompning wines with each dish - and I think everyone should do that! I'd say 8/9 stars out of 10. Really solid good cuisine and service, but nothing mind blowing.

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      thanks blythe! one thing I'm curious about RW is this- would you go back when it isn't RW?

      I'm interested in that rabbit bolognese, thanks for posting.

    2. I went to Euclid Hall with my mom for Restaurant week. Very in-depth menu, probably about 80% of their regular offerings. For appetizers, we had Bruléed Center Cut Beef Marrow Bones, the bigger, the better. espagnole, sherry gastrique, toast, which was incredible, the sherry gastrique, really made the dish. Wish it came with more toast, but it was wonderful. We also shared as an appetizer, Chips and Dip, lemon goat cheese dip, oolong tea smoked duck breast, duck confit, Kennebec potato chips, baby dill, extra virgin olive oil, which was equally as good, the combination of the leamon goat cheese dip and tangy tea smoked duck was great, it was a good portion too, enough to easily share. For entrees she had Pan-seared Prime Tri Tip Steak, shiitake-fingerling-blood pudding hash, Onsen soft egg, ancho harissa, chives. It was okay, steak could have used more seasoning, tender but nothing out of the ordinary, the blood pudding has was different, egg was a nice touch. I had the Beef Short Rib Kielbasa sausage and a
      Uncensored Hoppwurst Sausage, probably the disappointment of the eventing. The Short rib Kielbasa was dual, the Hoppwurst was good but tiny. The portion was very small and really served at a disadvantage on a plate literally the size of a saucer, over a few sprigs of kraut, I asked if it was always served on such a small plate (the plate of four mustards were on a larger plate) and they said yes. The desert was a hit, we shared two (neither of us drink, so instead of the beer offered with the 5280 menu, they gave us two desserts), The S'mores Pot de Crème, house made graham crackers and marshmallows was wonderful, very large potion, great texture and we also had the Bacon Sticky Bun, keg caramel, apple crème frâiche ice cream. The Bacon sticky bun was packed in the center with bacon and very tender, the apple creme fraiche was over-kill in my opinion, and the sticky bun was better on it's own. Service was great, dinner was a solid hour and a half and very enjoyable. I'd go back for appetizers and dessert, not sure about dinner though.