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Feb 26, 2012 03:54 PM

Opening Miami Downtown 2012

Hoops Sports Bar & Grill
La Prep
Steak Brasil
Crepes & Waffles

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  1. still waiting for Bazaar at the SLS

    1. FYI: there is a thread of new for 2012 in miami already

      1. I'm sorry - say what? Where in downtown is Crepes & Waffles opening?

        On Flagler, I also saw also La Provence opened recently with Grove-style windows (open to the outdoors). And a new yogurt place next door is in the work as well as an upscale pizza place near Intercontinental Bank.

        And across from the Courthouse it seems another Le Boudoir for downtown is in the works, around the corner from the Starbucks.

        I'm not familiar with La Prep or Bloom.

        1. FYI: there is a thread of new for 2012 in miami already

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            It looks like this thread is meant to be a look into downtown Miami's dining scene (which composes of A&E District, Central Business District, & Brickell).

          2. i checked the 'new miami' posts and it's not very active. so i decided to post here, since it's on brickell. it's my first post. i was so delited to find Tikl, that i finally signed up. the restaurant been open only a few months and apparently menu hasn't been finalised since a month ago. and nobody here mentioned it yet. am surprised. i saw it compared to sugarcane in concept .
            it's under an aussi chef and is a mix of small plates, pan-asian.
            japanese robata grill is their specialty. and fresh scallops are supposed to be good too. it's a nice range. i almost went for grilled octopus, which i usually only get in greek places, but decided to try more exotic stuff first.
            we tried hamachi crudo (nice sauce) and oysters for starters. this is the first time i tried fl oysters, but they also had kumamotos and east canadian.
            soft tacos with short ribs were fantastic - though they are really like chinese steamed buns, nothing to do with tacos.
            and thai mussels were served soup style - in the sauce reminisent of tom kha gai. no bread served, but mussels came with a 'rice dumpling' - kind of a patty over fried , with a crispy chewy crust, addictive. never had that anywhere either. i washed it down with a jalapeno margarita. was afraid to burn the buds - so asked for mild ... but still got quite a zinger. the other drink was smth wierd though: cachasa with cucumbers. can skip that one for sure.
            the service was attentive but a bit hectic.
            it was not busy on week-day at early dinner time - which i actually liked. and decor is nyc loft style: exposed ducts and brick with raw timber. kinda funky and easy. which i also liked. all in all i think it's a great addition.