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Feb 26, 2012 03:35 PM

I love food (and am in Denmark in August).. Where should I go (besides Noma)...

First, we go to many good places (Alinea, Le Bernadin, Clio etc,). We are in Denmark in August - noma is already on our list... what else should I be looking into? And, is noma worth the hype?!?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. We were just in Copenhagen for 4 days. Our friends snagged us a lunch spot at Noma and it was a delightful, if very expensive, adventure. If you can get a reservation, I would encourage you to go. Order the juice pairing with the meal - apple and Douglas fir was the best taste I've had in a long time.

    We went back to Ida Davidsen for smorrebrod. Guidebooks say that it has gone downhill, but we still think it is very good. Shrimp with a poached egg was lovely.

    If you want a restaurant with a casual feel, but food that is a level up, we also recommend Fiskebar. The focus is on fish and it is all really well executed. The smoked pollock fish and chips was delicious. The calamari dish we had was also superbly flavoured. They also served a very nice Danish white wine (!) called Arwen.

    For even more casual fare, there are two covered foodhalls - Torvehallerne Market on Fredriksborggade. There are many great food shops/stalls within. The duck confit sandwich at Ma Poule is a highlight. Summerbird also has great chocolates, particularly the flodebolle (there are lots of places that sell Summerbird stuff in the city).


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      Really liked Aamann's and Schonnemann's was pretty good too. The street hot dogs were truly amazing. Miss those too!

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        Thank you to jscott for posting question, and to Dr. John and others for answers, as I am returning to Copenhagen for the first time in 18 years after I did a study abroad there. Being a huge foodie from NYC, and living in very traditional Italy, I am looking forward to the amazing modern food scene I have been reading about for so long.

        I also found some older posts with one same and other suggestions that I may try. They were: Koefoed, Madklubben, and it seems that everyone recommends Fiskebaren. I am most likely to try that one if I can only pick one. I will be there for 4 full days, but staying with a family, so not sure how many dining out opportunities I will have. Noma of course looks amazing, but I think it will have to wait for the next trip (hopefully sooner than 18 years from now).

        I suppose for more traditional fare I should check out Davidson? I also have strong memories of the street hot dogs. They were excellent at 2am waiting for the natbus. And now, after reading some more, it seems there is quite a following of the street hot dogs carts.

        Any other feed back about recent travels to Copenhagen would be greatly appreciated. Hej hej!

      2. Ok,
        for the high end places Noma is certainly one of the best restaurants out there. Remember the whole nordic culinay thing is a lot about playfulness and being curious about when the harsh frozen environment may offer when passing through the kitched of talented chefs. For the best experience, try Geranium. The service is practically on the same level as Noma and I'm a little puzzled with the Michelin rating here, 2* would be more appropriate here. The premises are at least as impressive as Noma imho. #3 would be a tie between Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Herman and Sollerod Kro. They're all magnificent and easily on par with most Chicago and NYC 1* and 2* restaurants. The Sollerod is the gem here being a little away from the city center. The setting is fantastic, esp in summer. Same for Mielcke. AOC is another food experience we had. Would love to go back.

        I've been to Fiskebaren but please note that while it's great, it's not in the same league as the ones above, esp. when it comes to service. Just don't expect star service and you'll have a great time. Speaking purely food wise, it's probably in the top 20 in town. I wouldn't pass it up though since it's the place to go for a more relaxing night (you can grab drinks there too) and it's cool. Please reply here on the thread if you have any questions whatsoever. I've been to Copenhagen so many times that I've mapped it out quite thoroughly if I may say so!

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          I arrived last night. About to head into the center. Any lunch recommendations? Or just pick a little cafe for some smørrebrod? I seem to be lucky, as it is NOT raining.

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            At least the Restaurant magazine realized that Geranium is quite a worthy place and just inducted it into the World's 50 best restaurants (released the other day). Check it out at

            ps. Relae is now in the top 100. It's the cheapest Michelin star place in Copenhagen and a very trendy restaurant. Lots of young people.