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Feb 26, 2012 03:01 PM

Sardines in WHAT???

I was at the market today and I saw a can of sardines packed in MAPLE SYRUP!!! Has anyone ever tried these?

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  1. Whoa, my first instinct was to say "GAG!" However, I am a fan of sweet/savory combinations so I shouldn't dismiss it so swiftly. I am intrigued. The Bar Harbor brand is available in stores around me. I'll have to see if I come across their sardines next time I grocery shop.

    1. Sounds completely vile. Not something I even want to think about, let alone sample.

      1. A waste of both sardines and maple syrup.

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          You'd be mistaken. This is no frankenfood combination of two different products, but rather two strong ingredients that work in harmony together. The natural sweetness (real maple syrup) and oiliness create an excellent, moderating, juxtaposition.

        2. Have sampled several of the Bar Harbor varieties but have never seen this one on the shelves of any stores near me.

          Reflexively I'd think eww...smoked fish with maple syrup. But what about smoked pork with maple? Who doesn't love dragging their bacon through the maple syrup that's run down the side of your pancakes. Maple syrup isn't unheard of as part of the flavor profile in bacon so could it work with smoked sardines? Maybe...

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            Yes I like candied salmon too, which I believe is made with smoked salmon. Smoked salmon is also nice with red pepper jelly. So... as odd as it sounds, I can see a sweet smoked fish combo working.

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              Yeah, I don't like it (re: bacon/dragging through syrup).

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                Me, neither. I like keeping the syrup away from my precious bacon :)

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                Since this thread has sprung back to life I thought it proper to follow up on my musings above that sardines in maple syrup might not be a bad thing.

                Fairly soon after posting my comment above I found myself at one of my usual markets and lo-and-belold there on the shelf were Bar Harbor Smoked Sardines in Maple Syrup!! (Oh noes!!) I was of course obligated to buy a can. My opinion, in a word....Blech! Honestly if the can didn't say Maple Syrup I'm not sure I would have recognized the flavor. I can only describe it as having some odd, 'off' chemical taste.

                Won't be buying them again. But (R&R1 and GD ;-) ) I will still most definitely dip my bacon in maple syrup.

                1. re: kmcarr

                  That's a shame. Maybe stick to undressed food?

              3. I had them recently and I liked them. they were huge sardines, almost like herring. They were well smoked, almost to the point of jerky in some ways, and the maple worked well. I served them to some guests and everyone liked them, even folks who don't like sardines.