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Feb 26, 2012 02:48 PM

Restaurants that take reservations in Melbourne

We will be in Melbourne from March 11-16. Part of that time there will be the annual car races. I need to choose restaurants that take reservations especially for Wednesday and Thursday March 14 and 15. The restaurants I am considering are Coda (reservations only by phone- I am in US until March 1), Comme Kitchen,PM24, Red Spice Road, Chin Chin, Bar Lourniha, Cafe Di Stasia, Cumulus. I list these so you will know what type of places I am choosing to eat. Some of these places do not take reservations. Any other places to recommend in the CBD or one tram away that takes reservations?

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  1. The Grand Prix chaos doesn't really take off until Thursday, with most fans arriving Friday. However, most will stay south of the CBD so St Kilda will be somewhat chaotic, especially with the GP road closures, so I would probably avoid di Stasio unless you have a particular passion for it (it is famous for its cheap lunch deal). Grill or Cellar at Grossi in the CBD is probably the closest.

    Which are you planning for lunch and which for dinner? That influences options.

    Comme and PM24 will do reservations online. RSR will probably respond to email, but unless you're doing their lunch deal it's probably outclassed by Coda and ChinChin.

    Both Cumulus and ChinChin are open all day, so you could always have a late lunch to ensure you get in. They are definitely no bookings.

    Anada is a good alternative to Bar Lourinha and takes bookings (one tram).

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      Thank you Mr. Gimlet. I think we may go to St. Kilda for lunch at di Stasio on Tuesday. Do you think it is worth the trip to explore St. Kilda and have late lunch there? We will not plan out lunches otherwise, but wanted to make dinner reservations. Thanks for the info on Anada.

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        St Kilda is a pleasant area of Melbourne and worth a look. It's close to being our only real beach so you can take a walk along the beach, have a look around and then have lunch.

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          Any other good food pleas in St. Kilda that you would recommend? Streets that have food shops?

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            Hi Zin

            Give this website a go


            Lots of express lunches over the period you are visting for the Melbourne Food and wine festival


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              Circa in St Kilda is excellent and takes bookings online.

      2. There are lots of places in Fitzroy (Gertrude/Smith Streets) which are 1 tram away that take bookings. Anada, Huxtable, Ladro; for example. You could even try to get a booking at Cutler & Co. Go to Monsieur Truffe for a hot chocolate, de clieu for a coffee, the Workers Club for a beer.

        I've never had too much trouble with the Grand Prix. Most of that stuff happens is South of the Yarra or it's the places at Crown that get hammered.

        EDIT: Embrasse in Carlton takes bookings.

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          I struggled in the CBD last year - Cumulus especially

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            I think Cumulus is constantly a struggle, now.

        2. You MUST go to Chin Chin. It's really the cutting edge of the Melbourne dining scene. Great food, terrific bustling ambience, first class knowledgeable and attentive service, really inexpensive and a great location.