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Feb 26, 2012 02:35 PM

Venissa Ristorante Mazzorbo

Has any one been to this place. It seems like a great day trip to see Burano then have lunch in a very unique environment. We did Burano then Locanda Cipriani on Torcello quite a few years ago. But this place seems a little more up to date and exciting from a locavore perspective. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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  1. Fantastic experience, I can recommend 100% that you should go there. It's a gorgeous location, totally unique. And Paola Budel, a wondeful chef, is in the kitchen. Make sure you try the newly bottled Dorona, which is produced by Bisol, but grown on the vines on Mazzorbo.
    If you go during the day, make sure you take a walk all around the Island (takes about 1/2 hour) like being in the country side. And of course, Burano is just a hop over the bridge.

    If you do go to Burano, great little bakery Pasticceria Garbo
    Via S. Mauro 335
    Tel: 041-735-289

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      Thank you for this post - I'm thinking about taking my parents out to Burano/Torcello while we're in Venice next month, and this hidden gem seems like something they would love.

    2. We stopped there for aperitivo when they first opened and loved it - I would go back in a minute. The setting is fantastic and if Elizabeth is endorsing the food then you MUST go!

      1. Did you see this previous thread?

        And from John Brunton's recent review in the Guardian UK:

        Downstairs there is a cool lounge and wine bar, but the real shock comes as I walk out the back where lines of vineyards have been planted as far as an ancient belltower. Surrounded by all this greenery is an old storehouse that has been turned into the restaurant.

        The chef here, Paola Budel, is definitely looking to make her mark on the Venetian fine dining scene, so don't expect cheap and cheerful trattoria cooking. But then nowhere in Venice is cheap for eating out, so although a romantic gourmet meal here will set you back upwards of €70 each, it is well worth the expense.

        The fish and seafood are of the highest quality, combined with fantastic seasonal vegetables that are mostly grown in Venissa's own organic garden, or on farms on nearby Sant'Erasmo island. Dishes include plump scampi served with crunchy baby artichokes, grilled eel with a tangy olive, caper and tomato sauce, and a delicious creamy pea soup, with fresh mint and sweet tiny shrimps. And although Budel concentrates on revisiting traditional Venetian recipes, she doesn't forget her culinary roots in the nearby Dolomite mountains, surprising diners with dishes pairing roast pigeon with succulent Adriatic prawns and a tangy cherry beer sauce.

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          I've been reading John Brunton's reviews for a long time (because I read The Guardian). He really doesn't know much about food (or wine). For him it is always "The Ten Best... this or that", budget places, etc. He dislikes Chiantishire, but doesn't realize there is a lot more to Tuscany. He really mangles dish descriptions and it seems that the first person he meets, becomes the expert for the region he is writing about. He places a lot of credence about a restaurant on how a place looks. There are great restaurant critics, but he is one of the poorer ones.

          That being said, I have have no idea how Vanissa's is as a restaurant. Let's assume it is good.
          But exactly what is a "romantic gourmet meal?" What is a gourmet meal? And, if Budel's culinary roots are in the nearby Dolomite mountains (actually two hours away), she is forgetting them if she is pairing roast pigeon with prawns and a cherry beer sauce, a dish which sounds weird, to say the least. You can get surf and turf with a cherry Coke at an Olive Garden

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            I haven't been to the restaurant either. The link to the Chowhound thread I provided contains an initial report from other Chowhound posters about first-hand experiences at the Venissa restaurant, not from me, and Brunton's description of his meal is in response to OP's question -- :Has anyone been here '' .The full Guardian article, published just days ago, is actually a review of the hotel, so I thought it might get deleted by Chowhound monitors if I just posted the link. I'm sure other people will appreciate your take on Brunton. I have no opinion about him, since I'm not aware of ever eating at a restaurant that he has. I would bet my last dollar all "10 Best Articles" are the ideas of editors, not writers, but Chowhound monitors will certainly delete that discussion.

            Maybe a romantic gourmet meal is something like this: