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Feb 26, 2012 02:34 PM

Best place for Ethiopian in Dallas?

I would love some recommendations. We moved here not long ago from Denver and are missing the "hole in the wall" Ethiopian joint down the street from our old house. We live in north Dallas (near the Galleria) but are willing to drive wherever.

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  1. Sorry, my husband just found this thread
    Probably misspelled something in my last search. Any additions to Addis Ababa, Ibex, Lalibela?

    1. I don't know Ethiopian well enough to compare them, but Queen of Sheba is near you on Inwood south of Belt Line.

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        Queen of Sheba is our favorite - but part of that is probably nostalgia since it's been around (first in another location) for so long. We had a wonderful meal there this past weekend.

        1. re: sarahintexas

          So glad to hear it is still around! I used to eat there in high school, but it is not in that location any more. Where is the new location?