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Feb 26, 2012 02:19 PM

Need Advice Right Now. Can My Stuffed Pepper Disaster Be Adverted?

I have stuffed peppers in the oven right now. I didn't cook the rice before I stuffed them. So now it's an hour after the insert into the oven and of course the rice is still raw. Help! Thanks-

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  1. Put an inch ANY hot liquid in the bottom of your still hot roaster. cover tightly with foil. Turn up to 375 and let steam for the next half hour. I think that'll do it. You can probably even go as high as 400 F. - since they're covered they won't brown. Keep an eye to make sure the liquid at bottom doesn't boil dry, though.

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      Thanks mamachef - I'm off to the kitchen!

      1. re: michele cindy

        It worked! They came out great. Looking forward to leftovers since these things tend to taste better the next day.

        1. re: michele cindy

          Great save, Momachef! I am making stuffed peppers soon with raw rice...

          I love them, tho Frenchman does not. I never 'foist' them on him since I don't like making rice just for that purpose. I may try again with raw rice and the steaming technique. Good info:)

          1. re: michele cindy

            Yaaaaaaay!! (Next time, make sure your pan liquid is hot when it goes into the oven, and cover as above, for the first 35-40 minutes. No fail.