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Feb 26, 2012 02:16 PM

Charlottesville, Va for Campus Tour any recoomendations?

Looking for a reasonably good place for decent food at decent prices. ANything reflective of Virginian cooking would be great! There will be a party of 7.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks for the recommendations. Anxious to try one!

      1. I def see some things on that site I need to try. Hopefully soon.

        Wish there weren't so many dang lines in Charlottesville; with small kids those are a definite nono lol.

        1. I like the downtown mall for its ambiance and varied dining choices. Personally, I like Bizou, a kind of funky diner / bistro.

          1. re: 1Buckeye

            Thanks! Will look up Bizou. We tend to favor diners (of course being from NJ, diner heaven). I know our daughter is in search of great hush puppies...go figure!

        2. There are several good recs in some older threads here:

          I like the Whiskey Jar and Beer Run. The Inn at Willow Grove has some good options, and prices are fairly reasonable, especially if you can go at lunch time. The Virginian has some traditional southern style options but it's been a while since I've been.

          (and, as a good Hokie, I can tell you where to find some really good hushpuppies in Blacksburg, VA!)

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            Thank you for the threads. Will review. So-o-o-o-o, no good hushpuppies in Charlottesville?

            1. re: samjam101

              I'm sure there are some good hushpuppies in Charlottesville, I just haven't run across them (I don't get down there very often for food, about an hour away).

              I also just so happen to be a Virginia Tech grad and will always try to redirect anyone headed to Charlottesville over to Blacksburg!

          2. All the best to you. A transplanted Texan (in 1974) I have come to love Virginia. You will find in Charlottesville a great university, a wonderful town offering a great quality of life, and plenty of great dining options.

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            1. re: 1Buckeye

              Thanks 1Buckeye! Good to read your recommendation as a Texan transplant. These college visits are wonderful but too short to really get the true flavor of the locale. Read the other day that Charlottesville and GreenBriar(?) were very nice places to live. The topic was 10 great college towns to live in. Not necessarily college living but non-collegiate residents.

            2. Eppie's on the Downtown Mall has great jerk chicken, cornbread and collard greens

              Agree that Bizou is terrific and a longstanding local favorite. If the weather is nice, their patio makes for great people watching.

              Beer Run has very good food and is great for microbrews. Not easyto find.

              Cville doesn't have a real southern presence such as cheap meats and threes, bbq or southern diner kind of places. Most of the locavore places are a bit more expensive/open only for dinner.

              We really like Maya, which does serve hush puppies

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              1. re: mojoeater

                Thank you, Mojoeater. Maya's menu looks promising!