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Feb 26, 2012 02:08 PM

Just around the corner. Where is the place to eat before/after a Braves game?

We are going to be in Atlanta in April for an Atlanta Braves baseball game. What is the best place to go either before or after the game?

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  1. Well, this is a loaded can go anywhere you want in the city before or after....
    if you mean close to the stadium, there really is nothing.

    Grant Park is near the stadium and Six Feet Under is a really good spot (Memorial Dr. location).

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    1. re: rcburli

      We are looking for a place to eat that goes with going to the ball game. We are only going to be in town for the ball game. then leaving in the morning. I don't know Atlanta at all. We were in Atlanta last year, by CNN and Olympic Park. We didn't see too many options in that area.

    2. if you want to be close,go to the Bull Pen--its within 100ft of the stadium--its more bar with food than a restaurant, but they have decent BBQ and burgers--and you can park thyere for the game--if you go there get there 90 minutes before the game to get a parking spot

      1. Do they still have Buckhead Life restaurants doing concessions on Lexus level? Years ago, THAT was some nice stadium food.
        Otherwise, do the right thing and go to the Varsity.

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          Haven't heard back from anybody regarding the Buckhead Life food stands, but I did just hear that Kevin Rathbun has a steak sandwich stand at the Ted. The meat looks BEAUTIFUL. Supposedly there's nothing revolutionary about the sandwich, except the $15 price. However, this would make a very nice alternative to sad pizza/nachos if you do eat at the game. And I will be giving it a try.

          1. re: martyparty

            I gave it a try and will not again.
            Good but $13 bucks? Not that good. Sorry.
            Will take a double McCann burger any day of the week over that.

        2. If you have kids, or are married *don't read this**...I would suggest HANDS DOWN...

          Alluvia Restaurant @ The Cheetah Gentleman's Club on 887 Spring Street NW

          your Atlanta Braves ticket stub will get you into the strip club for FREE...and the food is to "Spec".
          Try the ..WHOLE or HALF blackened lobster with creamy cheese grits! and the go look at some... shoe models! cheers!