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Feb 26, 2012 01:57 PM

looking for good seafood in southern CT...atmosphere a plus!

I've had some good seafood in Norwalk, Westport, Milford...but it was mostly hit or miss, not a focal point. Would really like to find a great restaurant, where I can count on the food....I'm more into grilled or broiled, maybe a really good sauteed friend is looking for the perfect crab cake!

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  1. Bridge House in Milford has an excellent crab cake, and used to have a fantastic seared scallop risotto dish that was my absolute fave, there, sadly gone, although they do have another scallop dish on the menu now that I have not tried. My DH and I go there often, and make a meal of several apps, always including the crab cakes and duck spring rolls, with a rotating cast of others, including the tuna tacos and bacon mac and cheese side.

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      thank you so much jen...we will have to try this in the near future! So sad i missed the of my favorites!

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        Not sure where you'd want to travel, but, Liv's Oyster Bar in Old Saybrook has great seafood and a super raw bar. Fantastic oysters.

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          thanks jd....i'll keep it in mind when i make my pilgramiges to RI

    2. Pane e Bene is your best bet for local fresh seafood. Angelo ( your host, will grill or or broil any seafood on the menu or that is a special that evening. Be sure to make a reservation! Crab cakes are more popular a little north...The Whelk also has wonderful seafood, menu changes daily.

      1. BEST seafood is either Rowayton Seafood or 1020 Post in Darien for that.

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          I have heard Rowayton is good...havent made it down there yet. 1020 Post is new to me. I'll have to look them up when I'm in the area. Thanks!

        2. The Whelk in Westport is incredible. One of, if not the best restaurant that I've been to in Fairfield County. Menu is generally seafood based, but modern. You will not find grilled fish and baked potatoes.

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            No, you're right. But wonderful fresh seafood is always worth it. If you want the grilled, broiled or baked, go Pane e Bene it's just as wonderful and tasty!

          2. S&P Oyster House in Mystic is always a sure bet. Great crab cakes, too.