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Feb 26, 2012 01:47 PM

The Himalayan - yyc

Just discovered this wonderful place last night, located on 17th Ave and 31st St SW.

Showed up to a nearly packed restaurant at 6:30, fortunately our friends had made reservations, and what a nice experience it truly was.

The staff were all over-the-top friendly, courteous, and attentive, they made it very obvious that our needs were their only concern. I talked to one of the fellows and apparently the place has been opened for just over a year or so.

Now for the food. It was all flavoured wonderfully. This was my first Nepalese food experience. If you've never had it, it's kind of feels like a fusion between Indian and Chinese (which makes sense geographically), however definitely leans far more to the Indian side. Excellent grilled meats, and combination of spices and curries, whether it's hot and spicy or creamy curries.

Finally, I enjoyed it so much that we decided to go back today for their lunch buffet, which was also excellent. An excellent selection of flavourful food for $12.99.

While I fear giving away a rather unknown gem, I couldn't help but pass this one on and wish these folks the best of success.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I quite enjoyed this little place as well and found the people who own/work there to be extremely friendly and accommodating. While I enjoyed pretty much all of the dishes, I did kind of get the feeling that they toned down the spice levels significantly....likely to appeal to the North American palate. Next time I'm simply going to ask them to let me have it haha. That being said I don't really know how intensely flavoured Nepalese cuisine is supposed to be. I do recall that their famous dumplings (with various sauces) were particularly tasty.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the buffet....I've really been meaning to check it out for months but it's one of those places I always forget about

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      I would say over half the items on the menu have a * that says "ask your server about spice levels", so my assumption is that if you don't specify, you get the watered down north american levels of spiciness. We were with friends and I didn't know how spicy they'd want it, but I'm in the same boat, next time I go I'm going to ask them to let me have it! Of course, the buffet has to remain on the tamer side, but it did have about half a dozen different side sauces for you to enhance your dish with more heat, or to cool it down with their mint-yoghurt sauce.