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Feb 26, 2012 01:46 PM

Miele 30" gas cooktop KM 3474 G... Miele oven H4844 BP

A search has found very few comments re either of these Miele appliances.

We are replacing cooktop, wall oven, microwave, and dishwasher in the next month. After our first visit to an appliance store, we were about to purchase a Bosch cooktop and wall oven... but owner comments in several places re both use and service have us continuing to search.

The Miele gas cooktop is about $400 more than the Bosch we priced but less than an equivalent Wolf, which was at the top of our price range. So if comments on that were comparable to those re Miele dishwashers re reliability and service, we'd be interested.

The Miele wall oven at about $3,200 is much more than the $1250 for the Bosch HBL3350UC we viewed and priced but if comments are strong, we'd consider that as well. (We are also seriously considering the Miele Classic dishwaster as relatively good value for money in this range.)

Any comments from people who own the cooktop and/or the wall oven are appreciated.

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  1. Can't speak to Miele's range but we bought their convection oven, speed oven and warming drawer in a stacked configuration and they perform flawlessly. Fortunate to qualify for them under a designer's discount program which made purchase price much more competitive with other brands. We spent year researching, test driving and going to demonstration receptions before we made our selections. Wife is a superb baker looking for accurate calibrated controls and part of the installation calibrated the accuracy of thermostat programming. She just made a couple french baguettes with brilliant crust followed by a sweet yeasty brioche loaf that put the local bakery to shame. We use the warming drawer for it's warming/holding capability frequently but it is also an extension of our cooking process like when I start a couple slabs of ribs on the outside grille/smoker and then wrap them for a 4+ hour slow cook at 185 degrees getting incredibly tender results. We also opted for the Miele La Perla dishwasher that runs virtually silent allowing us to start it between courses during a dinner party with no distracting sounds....our old KA sounded like a bleeping jet engine that always meant the clean up couldn't start until the last guests departed now we load and go with impunity. But as silent as it runs the results literally are brilliant with our stemware coming out like it had been hand polished. The dishwasher uses it's own water softener salt. ( you set the rate of discharge to match the water hardness rating available from your municipal water utility). It uses a bulk loaded rinse aid and when coupled with the self-dosed Miele dishwasher tablets the result is literally perfect. All in all wish we would have traded unto the Miele appliances years ago rather than tolerating the mediocre appliances we limped along with for the past 15 years.

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      Thanks for your detailed and encouraging response. The one feature we'll not need is the water softener... we use well water and thus have an "all house" water softener system. The baguettes sound fine indeed.