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Feb 26, 2012 01:39 PM

Take-out in Chinatown-switch from New Shanghai?

I'll be getting some take-out in Chinatown in a few days. My usual go to spot is New Shanghai. I have enjoyed much of the food from there over the years. My question is whether I should branch out to another resto. I've liked Sichuan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and a few other cuisines. If it matters, we won't get to the food for six hours or so. Fried food doesn't make it obviously. Specific food as well as any reataurants would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, hounds.

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  1. I often crave Taiwan Cafe for takeout. Beef with long pepper, sauteed eggplant or other veg, pork & crab xlb, roast beef in scallion pancake...lots of stuff that's good reheated over rice.

    1. Thx Niblet. Any more recs out there 'hounds?

      1. For Cantonese, Peach Farm, Royal Pacific, New Golden Gate, Great Taste. Agree on Taiwan Cafe but other Taiwanese places (Gourmet dumpling House, Dumpling Cafe) are also good. Other than New Shanghai, I don't think we have good Sichuan or Shanghaiese in Ctown and these are better elsewhere.

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          I have only eaten Sichuan food at "New Shanghai". Is there still shanghainese food on the menu?

          1. re: KWagle

            Not anymore. The other half of the menu is Beijing cuisine.


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              That was what I remember. But gm's comment implies the opposite.

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                Oops, unclear writing skills on my part. New Shanghai does not have Shanghaiese food. As a side note, Wings Kitchen which used to be Shanghaiese was replaced with a pedestrian menu. As had lunch with a woman from Hong Kong who uses Wings as their go to place but the chef makes things they ask for as opposed to menu items. While we were there, the next table had real cantonese items including a duck and chinese sausage on rice clay pot that smelled heavenly. Bottom line is the chef has real chops but we need someone to ask in Cantonese and my skills in my first language did not progress beyond a 3-year old level (I've been told, not even).

        2. i would say that Hong Kong is your best choice; lots of good places for fish including Peach Farm, East Ocean, New Jumbo, et al.

          1. I highly highly recommend Royal Palace, which is on a quiet part of Tyler St. They pretty much specialize in take-out, and the sauce to noodle or rice balance is better than other C-town places, IMO.