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Help! What to do with way, way too many bananas?

OK, long story, but I just recently started a grocery delivery service and ordered 9 bunches of bananas instead of 9 bananas... Most of them are still pretty green.

What can I do with all of these bananas? Banana bread, of course, but I would'nt be able to do that for a couple of days until they ripen. What else?

Thank you...


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  1. Smoothies! When your bananas are ripe, peel them, cut into 1" rounds, then freeze them. When you're in the mood for a quick snack or breakfast, just pop some sliced frozen banana into the blender with yogurt, ice, and whatever other fruit you have. Presto: instant smoothie.

    1. Most things banana related will have to wait until they are ripe- it's when they taste best and are sweetest.

      Banana faux ice cream is really good.

      1. I've eaten a really delicious banana curry (vegetarian), although I've never made it. It didn't taste sweet - possibly because (as in this recipe http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/599172) green bananas were used.

        I really like frozen bananas and strawberries blended together and frozen as a light snack. The tastes seem to work together well for me. Another desserty thing is pisang goreng - fried banana fritters, or banana turon (a dessert from the Philippines, not Spanish turon!) which is bananas wrapped in spring roll skins or similar and deep fried.

        1. Banana pudding! One of my favela.

          1. Once they have ripened, you can put them in the refrigerator. The skin will turn dark but the ripening process will slow dramatically. After 2-3 days and you still haven't eaten them then freeze them. You can freeze them in the peel or cut them into chunks and put them in some zip lock bags to freeze.

            You can use the frozen ones for banana bread or smoothies or what have you.

            When I have too many bananas, I start handing them out to family members saying "I'm pushing bananas today!" I usually make sure anybody in the house has two for breakfast. After that, they can have eggs, cereal, toast, juice or whatever else but they will have 2 bananas.

            Oh and good luck... That's like 50 bananas. My plan would be getting rid of 6 per day. Sounds like I would be freezing 3 - 4 bunches.

            1. I just made a batch of banana espresso chocolate chip muffins from the Baked cookbook and these muffins are AMAZING!! The good news for you with your bounty of bananas is each batch uses 4 bananas and I rarely make them without doubling them since the yield is only 1 dozen.


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                Put one and a half frozen bananas, cut up, in food processor (not a blender) with up to a quarter cup of milk. Add two to three tablespoons of cocoa powder (not sweetened), and blend until creamy. It ends up being a delicious and healthy "ice cream". Doesn't refreeze well - the texture goes, so just make enough at a time.

                I also keep bananas frozen to add to bran muffins.

                Put cut up frozen bananas in your pancakes or waffles.

                We put cut up fresh bananas on our arepas with black beans, avocados, and fresh South American cheese.

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                  I've been making banana "Ice creams" for several months now. I think it freezes quite well.
                  I freeze very/over ripe bananas whole, then thaw them. Slit the skin lengthwise and watch the banana slide out into a container. Add some melted white chocolate, and coconut milk, cream, sweetened condensed milk - whatever you have. That's good as is, or you can add other fruits and/or jams. If instead you use melted dark chocolate your ice cream will taste more strongly of chocolate, with just a hint of banana. I use a stick blender to save on cleanup, freezing in the same container. Sweeten if needed. Freeze. It will be hard but still scoopable. Ice crystals form after a week or so. If memory serves, last time I used 5 medium bananas, which yielded 24 oz. of ice cream.

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                  Oooh...those do look fab! Do you think one could use whole wheat flour in them?

                  Thanks for the terrific ideas everyone. I just finished a banana smoothie. The first of many, I suspect!


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                    They are really great! I'm not sure. I might try swapping out half the all purpose flour for whole wheat first to see.

                3. Dairy Queen, here is a recipe for Banana Jam
                  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/monkey-b... -- I've also seen banana-passionfruit jam somewhere -- seems like a good start on Christmas, to have exotic tropical jams "put up".
                  However, if you're having groceries delivered you must be short on time, tending to the little one.
                  You simply can't eat them all if they ripen all at once! It would be nice to be able to do something with them that would s p r e a d out the pleasure. Banana gelato?

                  1. Cut into slices, dip in lemon juice and dry them I use a dhydrator, but you can also do it in the oven on a low setting, google that. They make great nibblies... especially when dipped in dark chocolate, and allowed to harden.

                    1. Banana cupcakes with peanut butter icing.
                      Fried bananas, to go with black beans and rice and picadillo.
                      Chocolate-dipped frozen bananas, rolled in crushed peanuts.

                      1. When you do make banana bread, double the amount of bananas the recipe calls for. Most use only 2 or 3, which isn't enough. I made banana bread Sunday night with all 6 of the bananas languishing in the freezer. The bread is very moist and has a definite banana flavor.

                        I actually prefer to use frozen bananas for smoothies - freeze whole, then run under water until they are skinnable, then toss in the blender. If you use frozen fruit you don't need ice.

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                          Lisa You should check out Cook's Illustrated's recipe for banana bread. They use 4 bananas (5 if you count the one sliced and put on top just before baking). They use frozen or microwaved over ripe bananas and strain out the liquid. The liquid is then reduced by half for concentrated flavor without making the bread too heavy or too moist.