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Feb 26, 2012 12:45 PM

Cake Pan Question

Just bought 3 cake pans (9") to make a layer cake. In the past I just used disposables. I was surprised that the pan's side were a little tapered--basically the base is 8" and the inner edge on top is 9". Will this still work for a layer cake? Should I return them and get the disposables?

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  1. I understand the conundrum! You should be able to buy straight sided. But if it's minimal, say half an inch total difference from top to bottom edge, you can fill that space with a little extra frosting.

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      You have not given us a brand. I find sides like that a bit odd. They should have straight sides. Good heavy aluminum pans like Magic Line made in USA, USA Pan, Fat Daddio's are all good pans and will not break the bank. Disposables are a waste of money.

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        Ecko Bakers Secret does have the problem you mention of being about 5/8-3/4 inches narrower at the bottom, and I agree it's a pain for frosting and especially glazing cakes. I don't have a brand to tell you. I suggest checking a restaurant supply store. Calphalon cake pans may also be straight sided, I'm not sure.

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          Here is a good source for good quality cake pans at reasonable prices:

          I always avoid anything Teflon lined or non-stick. For cakes, if you use fresh unsalted butter to liberally grease the cake pan and do not add flour, the cake will come out of the pan easily. I've been using this method for forty years or more and nothing ever sticks. And I don't bother with parchment. Birthday cakes to wedding cakes and all between, it has always worked for me.

    2. How usable your pans are for layer cakes depends entirely on whether you plan to frost your cake and the kind of frosting you will be using. If you plan to use a thick, fluffy icing such as a buttercream, you'll just have to use more on the sides so you can fill in until you get a vertical plane. If you want to glaze the cake and cover it with fondant, NO WAY...! '-)

      Or you can also trim and de-crumb the cakes after they're baked. Overall, I much prefer commercial grade cake pans with a vertical side. And if the pan is deep enough to start with, you can bake all of the batter in one pan, then slice the cake into layers after baking.

      I think I'd take them back.

      1. I would return them and get straight sided pans, not disposables. Wilton makes good ones that are not too expensive.

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          If they were cheap, keep them and also get straight sided pans. I use my tapered edge ones for a lot of things baking and non baking related except for cake.

        2. Cake pans should not nest - find straight sided ones.