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Feb 26, 2012 11:24 AM

Where to buy cockles (and seafood in general) in Los Angeles?

What are your recommendations for the best place to purchase cockles? And other creatures of the sea for that matter. Preferably Mid-City but willing to schlep.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Thanks! For anyone who might read this in the future, you won't find it by Google mapping "IMP". It's International Marine Products; more here:

      EDIT: I just read that they no longer deal with the public sector. Wholesale only. Any other suggestions?

    2. Quality seafood at the Redondo Pier pobably has them. They have huge selection of live shellfish.

      1. I have seen cockles at H-Mart (Korean supermarket) in Irvine, but in varying states of quality. Some of the seafood in great, other times, they're still on display way past their prime.

        Amazingly, there is no H Mart in L.A. Koreatown, but I have to imagine some of the other markets in K-town will have cockles. Maybe call Seafood City on Vermont?

        And I'd second Baron rec for Quality Seafood. They are probably the best retailer for bivalves (2 dozen varieties of oysters at any given time, many different varieties of clams) in their live tanks.

        1. I haven't seen cockles, but if you want a tasty small clam both Costco and The Fish King carry butter clams. Granted they are sand clams, but they are both excellent and small. Costco is, of course, cheaper, but The Fish King's clams are superior quality and you don't have to buy four pounds. Not that four pounds of clams is a bad thing...

          1. Seafood paradise in rosemead often has cockles. They also have a number of other live fish and shellfish and they are my go-to place for seafood.