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Feb 26, 2012 11:17 AM

Do you wash Brussels sprouts?

I've read posts about washing vegetables, but did not come across anything specifically about Brussels sprouts. Once you peel off a few of the outer leaves, is there any reason to wash Brussels sprouts?

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  1. Dunno whether there's absolute need to wash them. But I do - but then I wash all veg.

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      1. Depends.....if boiling in water, then no.....but if roasting, then yes.

        1. Yes, since I grow them I've seen dirt/mud splash up on them as they grow and have experienced grit between the outer leaves since they are not as tight as the inner leaves. Since my garden is organic I've also seen critters like caterpillars crawl on them as I've had to pick them off (ewww....) so washing is a must to me.

          1. I let them soak in some water with salt - only because I feel if there are any little wormies, they will come floating to the top, rather than burying themselves deeper into the tender area.