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Bean Cookbook recommendations

What are people's favorite bean-focused cookbook(s)? I am a fan of the occasion ham hock, so this doesn't need to be a vegetarian thing. Just want to make some more use of bean dishes in my family's diet.

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  1. Mark Bittman's Vegetarian cookbook has more than 50 pages on legumes. I'm sure there are great recipes in there, including some that would love the addition of a nice hamhock.

    1. I think that "Bean by Bean" is the best book on the subject, bar none.

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        I'll second that 'Bean by Bean' by Cresecent Dragonwagon looks a great book for bean lovers. I haven't cooked from it yet as the book is off being indexed but when I looked through it there were lots of recipes I want to cook. The book was just published last month.

      2. I'm partial to The Brilliant Bean by Martin & Sally Stone. It's out of print, but copies are readily available. I'm ordering "Bean by Bean"--thanks for the recommendation, pikawicca!

        1. I, recently, ordered Grains, Rice, and Beans by Kevin Graham (1998, Paperback) . http://www.amazon.com/Grains-Rice-Bea...

          It was ordered with some other cookbooks I had ordered. It was cheap, rated highly on Amazon albeit by only 3 reviewers.

          I'll let you know how good it is. I don't think I paid more than $3 for it including shipping.

          1. "Fagioli" by Judith Barrett. It's a beautiful book just to hold in your hands, but the recipes are great and well-researched in Italy.

            1. http://www.amazon.com/Dried-Beans-Gra...

              It's part of the Time-Life series, and it has photos along with descriptions of beans and grains, and recipes. if you're looking for recipes that supply fiber, this book has them.

              1. I also recommend Bean By Bean. It is mainly vegetarian but there are meat and vegan options, too. I've made one dish so far (the broccoli, bok choy and edamame skillet) that was very simple and very good. The other recipes are all very tempting, with an international feel and lots of variations are offered.

                Rancho Gordo also has a nice bean cookbook which leans more towards the meat side.


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                  I have very much enjoyed the Rancho Gordo bean cookbook. I love the variety of beans offered by Rancho Gordo and order quite bit from them.

                2. I haven't actually read this cookbook, so this a recommendation on reputation only.
                  Julie van Rosendaal's "Spilling the Beans".
                  She's a great Canadian cookbook author.. I've cooked a lot from her blog
                  and another one of her cookbooks...
                  so I imagine that any of her cook books would be great..

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                    I have Spilling the Beans and so far everything I've made from it has been fantastic. The baked penne with sausage, spinach and beans (and variations) is in regular dinner rotation--and it also freezes well :)

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                      That's great to hear.. I'm going to have to order if from the library!

                  2. I like "The Bean Harvest Cookbook", by Ashley Miller. It's old, but you can still find it on Amazon. Covers appetizers through to main courses - I particularly like the pasta fazool made with roasted red peppers instead of tomatoes.

                    1. Raghavan Iyer's book 660 Curries has dozens of interesting legume-based Indian recipes that, with basmati rice, make for good, simple meals.

                      1. I have the Ranch Gordo Cookbook as well as Bean by Bean.

                        I have been enjoying cooking from them both

                        Bean by Bean
                        page 104
                        SpanishStyle Split Pea Soup
                        (Potage de Guisante Barcelona)

                        The soup is on the stove and will be ready for dinner.
                        I added parsnip in place of carrots