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Feb 26, 2012 11:15 AM

Bean Cookbook recommendations

What are people's favorite bean-focused cookbook(s)? I am a fan of the occasion ham hock, so this doesn't need to be a vegetarian thing. Just want to make some more use of bean dishes in my family's diet.

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  1. Mark Bittman's Vegetarian cookbook has more than 50 pages on legumes. I'm sure there are great recipes in there, including some that would love the addition of a nice hamhock.

    1. I think that "Bean by Bean" is the best book on the subject, bar none.

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        I'll second that 'Bean by Bean' by Cresecent Dragonwagon looks a great book for bean lovers. I haven't cooked from it yet as the book is off being indexed but when I looked through it there were lots of recipes I want to cook. The book was just published last month.

      2. I'm partial to The Brilliant Bean by Martin & Sally Stone. It's out of print, but copies are readily available. I'm ordering "Bean by Bean"--thanks for the recommendation, pikawicca!

        1. I, recently, ordered Grains, Rice, and Beans by Kevin Graham (1998, Paperback) .

          It was ordered with some other cookbooks I had ordered. It was cheap, rated highly on Amazon albeit by only 3 reviewers.

          I'll let you know how good it is. I don't think I paid more than $3 for it including shipping.

          1. "Fagioli" by Judith Barrett. It's a beautiful book just to hold in your hands, but the recipes are great and well-researched in Italy.