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Feb 26, 2012 10:10 AM

cherry hill?

Need a suggestion for dinner tonight in Cherry Hill. can't go searching the boards, since no access to computer, just ineffective mobile device. something good,

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  1. Nothing in Cherry Hill has ever blown my mind. I'd drive another 10 minutes and check out Blackbird in Collingswood, or perhaps Cafe Melange in Haddonfield depending on what kind of cuisine you are looking for. -mJ

    1. It's hard to get info here on southern NJ.

      Here are some nearby places:

      Il Fiore in Collingswood
      Tre Famiglia Haddonfield
      The Chip Shop Haddonfield - British
      Fuji Japanese Haddonfield

      1. Here are a few in Cherry Hill that I like:
        A Little Thai Kitchen
        Pho Eden
        Chef's Bistro
        Andreottis Viennese cafe
        The four above are all within a stone's throw near Springdale Road and rt 70
        Also, for Italian:
        Cafe Aldo Lamberti
        Tutti Toscani
        or even Ponzio's Diner is not bad.
        Aldo, Andreotti, and Ponzio have liquor licenses; the others are BYOB.