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Feb 26, 2012 09:54 AM

Do they take walk-ins at Tickets/41 degrees?

I couldn't get a reservation to either Tickets or 41 degrees via their website for my visit to Barcelona on April 7-9th. The 41 degrees website says that you can "enjoy our everyday cocktail lounge without reservations from 11:30am-2am." Can you also sit down and order food from said cocktail lounge? Also, is there any chance of getting a walk-in seat at Tickets if I'm dining solo? I know they only take even numbered reservations, but was wondering if they have bar seating.

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  1. They stop serving food after a certain time at 41 deg. Chances of a walk in at Tickets are low but you can always give it a try. If there is nothing, just head to Rias de Galicia which is nearby, for seafood.

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      Do you mean that walk-ins at 41 degrees will get to order any food - only drinks?

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        No, that would be a silly assumption. I think that if you walk in and they seat you then you can probably order anything you want. My experience was going there for drinks after a meal at Tickets and we had sat there for a while before we saw an interesting dessert at another table and asked about ordering it. They said it was too late and past their food ordering time - which it was. Mind you, this was before the current rejig and the 41 course menu. If you search the board, you will find that some like 41 Degrees as a substitute if they cannot get into Tickets but again this was before the rejig.

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          Hi Deadstroke,

          There are always different assumptions circulating online about these 2 places. Things are evolving all the time and some of the new changes actually make sense, lol.

          I think it's safe to say that you might be able to walk into Tickets when it's not too busy (ie low season and early seatings). I've been in the summer and I saw people being turned away. If you get in, you'll get both food and drink.

          41 Degrees seems to be allowing walk-ins at a certain time. You'll get food and drink too.

          Recently, I read a review about someone who ate dinner at Rias de Galicia. After the meal, the waiter asked if there was anything more he could do and the diner asked jokingly about a table at Tickets. The waiter actually got the manager to call and secure a table for the following night! (hope the diner showed his appreciation to his waiter properly) The diner visited in October 2011 - not exactly high season and after paying an expensive 'admission ticket'. Like the former Inopia, Tickets saves some portion of each seating for 'friends' and another portion for people who reserve online. Unlike the former Inopia, you don't have to stand in line for 1+ hr anymore. Now you just have to deal with the online booking.

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            Well in this case I should be pretty well-covered then, I plan to be in Spain in December BUT I may have to drop Barcelona from the itinerary because of the pesky Christmas Holidays!

      2. I was there in July with a reservation, and the couple seated next to us had walked in at 8:00. Last month, the two of us returned to Barcelona, walked in to Tickets at 8:00, and snagged the last table available, according to the doorman. What was nice was that our waiter actually remembered us!

        As another data point, we ran into a party of 4 at Paco Meralgo the night before who told us that they were turned away at Tickets a couple of days earlier.

        1. Any two people (not axe murderers) wanna join us April 18th at 41-deg?

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            Hello papayaface, did you by chance find any takers for 41 grados this upcoming week? If not, add a dot com to my username and you can learn all about me. My boyfriend is an ex-semi pro soccer player and not an axe-murderer as far as I know ;)

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              Well Papayaface I guess your dinner at 41 Grados is going to happen in a little while. It may be a little late, but if you can find out if walk-ins after 11.30pm can still order from the tapas menu it would be great!

              And by the way, enjoy!

            2. Does anyone know what the current position is for 41 degrees reservations? Is it the same three-months out date as tickets or is it only a month away? The website isn't too helpful on the point.

              Many thanks

              1. Since 41 Degrees seems a long shot when we arrive May 2, what other higher end bars do people suggest for Barcelona (or Valencia)? Some place that's super old and luxurious, or super new and cool, or just making the most interesting drinks in town? I've got a lot of rock bars on my list but nothing besides 41 Degrees and Xix Bar for other bars. Thanks.

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         (restaurant website) has online availability on 5/2-5/7, most timeslots.

                  Maybe their tinkering with the booking software created availability?