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What can I add to boxed scalloped potatoes

I know, I know...boxed potatoes.

I'm having company to watch the oscars and I'm taking the easy way out. I actually don't mind boxed scalloped potatoes for the ease. I'm serving them with beef tenderloin and roasted asparagus. Is their anything I can add to yield a better consistency or flavor? Gruyere? Roasted garlic? cayenne?

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  1. Gruyere is a good choice, as is roasted garlic. A little pinch of sage will work, too.

    1. I prefer the taste of boxed potatoes over traditional when cooked this way...I always use two boxes because this recipe is so delicious I eat them all myself in a hurry. Two boxes of scalloped potatoes. In two boxes there is 5 and 1/2 c. liquid mostly water. Instead Use at least half of that liquid in any kind of dairy milk including heavy cream for the richest. Mix all together with the two packets of sauce and butter in large dutch oven cold. Corn starch is better mixed in not too hot liquid......Heat stirring often. Arrange dried potatoes in an 8x12 or larger casserole dish.....add 4 c. of your favorite cheese grated. Swiss, parmesan whatever you have mix and match... I use 2 or more c. white and some Velveeta..add cheese to potatoes...mix....pour hot liquid over potatoes and cheese...add your favorite herb if you like....cook uncovered at 350 for and hour or so. This is the important part ... refrigerate over night! So much better the next day. A crowd pleaser! Working on uploading a pic i took tonight thanks Karen

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        When I first read the title I wondered why not just make them from scratch? But I now remember the last time I made them, they were good, but not as good as boxed! I'm a little ashamed about that....


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          you make good from scratch? Do they ever taste fishy or funny to you? If not what is your recipe?

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          Parmesan from the dairy section is the best

        3. Nothing wrong w/ boxed potatoes, but a little chopped scallions, &/ or fresh ground pepper, picks it up a bit...

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            We visited my father in law and he asked asked me to make scalloped potatoes he loves them. he had the recipe all bookmarked from a cookbook. lol I followed that recipe and to me it tasted a bit on the-how do I say?-a fishy side. I then used an online recipe from an Iron Chef substituting the raw potatoes for boxed. Loved it but with all heavy cream..a bit rich for my vegetarian. So I came up with this fool proof one.

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              Scallions and pepper sound great! Red bell peppers are in season now. 33cents apiece. I might try that next time

            2. Fresh herbs, paprika on top.

              1. Guess this is a thread that woke up. :) Glad I found it as there are some good ideas here.

                I always add garlic powder and a handful of grated sharp cheddar. Top with panko crumbs and dot with butter. Good stuff!

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                  I Love garlic. I roast whole clusters in the oven and eat them with a toothpick each clove. But i don't like garlic in my mashed potatoes...so everyone with their own taste.

                2. I just looked up "Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes".

                  Let me get this straight. In the box... there are sliced dried potatoes in the box?
                  And these are edible?

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                    Your question is understandable...They are dried potatoes and are surprisingly tasty.


                  2. It makes me sad that you use boxed potatoe mix. It is so easy to make them from scratch. :-( when you make homemade you avoid all the extra sodium, sugar and fats. Try it, the pride in yourself is worth it

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                      My main concern is that if you add stuff to a boxed preparation, you will have too much salt. Gruyere sounds finne, but ti does add salt to an already over salted product.

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                        Scalloped potatoes are one thing think I can't make as good as boxed. Well, I probably could but don't want to devote the time to the process.

                        Just this weekend, I made a pan substituting heavy cream for the milk. We had guests over and the pan was scrapped bare. I admitted I used Betty Crocker boxed potatoes and we all had a good laugh. My friend admitted that no one in his family (a crew of good cooks and eaters) can make scalloped potatoes better than Betty Crocker.

                        Things I add -

                        green onions
                        red peppers
                        diced up bits of ham

                        I have added cheese but find it can be too much.

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                          So, are there potatoes dried and boxed without a lot of salt?

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                            I am guessing the salt is in the sauce mix. It is probably high but I don't make them (or any other boxed foods) often enough to worry about it.

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                              Sounds like your additions are salt free and could only add to the final product.

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                        I recently developed a recipe where I parcook the potatoes in the microwave for 10 minutes, already arrayed in the baking dish, while I make a cheese sauce and preheat the oven. It cuts down the entire prep & cooking time to about 45 minutes, and would be shorter if I had better knife skills. Since I've switched to this method, scalloped potatoes have entered our regular rotation of weeknight sides. Before that, I only made them on the weekend, as they took about 1-1/2 hour to make.

                        I really think that you cannot beat the taste of homemade, especially as it gives you the ability to use a good quality cheese.

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                          How thick are your slices?

                          10 minutes on high?

                          My prior attempts were awful and I think it is because I didn't pre-cook the sliced potatoes. By the time the potatoes were done, the sauce was absorbed and I didn't get the creamy results I wanted.

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                            Cleo, the slices are thin but not paper/see-through thin. I hand slice them so there is a fair amount of variability.

                            And, just to be clear: I parcook the potatoes in the mw for about 10 min. and then cover with sauce and bake in the oven for another 15-25 min. So the total cooking time is about 1/2 hour.

                            Here is the "recipe," such as it is:

                            1. Preheat oven to 350.
                            2. Peel and cut potatoes into thin slices. Place them, overlapping in layers in microwave/oven-safe casserole dish (I use a Corningware French white 2-1/2 qt). Salt & pepper each layer before adding the next layer of potatoes. Fill casserole about 3/4 to 7/8 full.
                            3. Add about 1 tbs water, cover, and microwave on high for 10 minutes.
                            4. While potatoes are in microwave, make a cheese sauce:
                            a. Melt 2 tbs butter. Add 2 tbs flour and combine into a roux, allowing to cook a bit until golden.
                            b. Add about 1 cup milk (I use skim) gradually, whisking to thoroughly combine with the roux and smooth out lumps. Season with salt, ground pepper, and ground mustard. Cook until it thickens, about 5 minutes.
                            c. Add about 1/2 cup of shredded extra sharp cheddar (or some other cheese if you'd prefer), stirring so that cheese is completely melted and integrated into sauce.
                            5. Carefully remove casserole from microwave and pour cheese sauce over potatoes, so that sauce is somewhat below the surface of the potatoes. You probably will have some cheese sauce leftover. It's ok if you pour sauce above the potatoes but it will take longer for it to be absorbed.
                            6. Top with additional shredded cheese to cover potatoes. (This helps get a nice browned top)
                            7. Bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes. Or, at 400 if you added so much sauce that the potatoes were submerged.
                            8. Cook until most of the liquid is absorbed and top is browned. When you remove the casserole from the oven, it still will be somewhat liquid-y but that will congeal as it cools.

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                              Oh, I really appreciate that! Thank you.

                              1. re: masha

                                In rereading my recipe post, I note that I should have indicated that the casserole should be uncovered for the baking in the oven.