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Feb 26, 2012 08:07 AM

Re: Dinner party with multi-allergy guest - menu

A few weeks ago I posted an SOS on here for needing tips/ideas of what to serve on a dinner party when one of the guests has several unusual food allergies (please see the original post for the list of allergies). I got a lot of wonderful suggestions from you all, and the dinner was a success. Many of you have asked me to post the final menu, so here it is:

- Salt Crusted Fish stuffed with lemon and ginger (grouper & tilapia)
- Spicy Asian coleslaw : Napa cabbage, Asian pear, orange, Chinese grapefruit tossed with lemon juice, Chinese dark vinegar, salt, and zest from the Chinese grapefruit with sliced chili pepper(Thai)
- Crunchy & creamy red potatoes : boiled red potatoes smashed into a pancake, drizzled with bacon fat and salt, baked at a high temp until crispy on the bottom and edges
- Red wine & Pear Sorbet
- Orange cranberry macaroon (the coconut kind)

With the exception of the coleslaw (my own creation), all of the recipes came from a "professional" source (magazine/media), than I tweaked it to fit the allergy list. Everything I served is eatable to the guest in question.
This was a tiresome preparation, but such a great challenge to force me thinking outside of the box. I had a lot of fun, and can't wait to do this again at my next turn. (its a monthly dinner rotation among a group of friends.)

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  1. I'd suggest you ask the mods to remove this thread and instead add your post to your previous thread, so the participants in that one will see it on their profile pages:

    1. That all sounds fantastic -- lucky guests!!