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Feb 26, 2012 08:01 AM

North Carolina hounded headed to Iowa...

Well I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for all things Cedar...Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, and so forth. Any lunch/dinner recs you folks could send my way would be most appreciated. I'll generally give about any style of cuisine a shot. Thanks

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  1. Newtons Paradise Cafe in downtown Waterloo, next to Cedar Falls.

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    1. A good lunch place in downtown Moline [Quad Cities] is Bier Stube, which is a decent sit-down German/sandwich restaurant []. A great steakhouse to have dinner along the Mississippi River []. Another fun place off of I-80 and that has a great spin on a regional dish [breaded pork tenderloin sandwich] is in Oxford, IA []. Iowa City has a lot of interesting offerings if you stop there en route to the Quad Cities. Here's wishing you a great time in Eastern Iowa.

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        Thanks for recs Hawkeye...I'll take a look at them

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          We like Augusta too and the tenderloin.

          A long thread on Iowa City

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            The Little Bohemia Bar & Grill in the Czech Village just recently got their kitchen back to a full menu of what they served before the flood. Worth checking out.

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            I'll second Augusta and add the Lincoln Cafe in Mt. Vernon to the list. The Lincoln has food that would be well received anywhere (IMHO) and Mt. Vernon is a charming town, with a small college and a lot of antique stores.

          3. So, did you find any interesting cuisine on your trip to Iowa?

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              I really didn't to be honest with you, but I deliberately chose to just go to the Wild Wing...Ruby Tuesday things that seemed to be so abundant out there. I did actually drive by Little Bohemia, but it wasn't at meal time, and I didn't make the journey back over at dinner time. If I go back, I'll probably stay in Iowa City a night, it appears there are a few options there that may have interested me. I do appreciate the the recs you folks provided me with though.

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                Surely, you will readily find chain restaurants in Iowa just like one can find in California, Colorado, North Carolina, etc. Iowa City has several great places, so you will have to let us know if you step off the trail on your next visit to America's Heartland ....