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Breakfast in NOVA.

Living in Arlington for 7 1/2 yrs and still looking for a great breakfast spot within 10 miles. Help?

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  1. Bob & Edith's isn't great, but it is good and the service if friendly & the crowd is fun.

    1. I thought that Cassatt's Kiwi Cafe was tasty.

      1. Just drive to Baltimore and hit up Miss Shirley's or Blue Moon Cafe. I know that it's about 30 miles further than your 10 mile radius, but B-More seems to have much better breakfast options, IMO. Worst comes to worse, drive out to Manassas and go to Cracker Barrel LOL (kind of kidding...they do have great pancakes).

        1. Abi supposedly had a good Saturday breakfast years ago, though I can not attest myself. The person who introduced me to CH used to love it. Behind the 7-11 on the Pike, near Walter Reed.

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            The food is fine but I wish they wouldn't blast the music especially before I've woken up. I wish I had had the nerve to mention this to them in person but wasn't sure if I was the only one who needs a few cups of coffee before she can handle 100 decibles of accordian techno.

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              I used to live just down the street from Abi's and LOVED the breakfast there, especially the rope vieja! It's been a couple years, but I went every Sat. morning for about three years.

            2. People seem to love Luna Grill and Diner, but I don't get it myself. Others swear by Table Talk, but I think it's just okay. My favorite is Atlantis off King Street. Open at 7am every day (I believe) and a whole raft of classic diner breakfasts, including some hearty soups. Plenty of room as well. I'm fond of Anthony's on West Broad, but it can be hit or miss. Chutzpah does a decent breakfast, but crowded. City Diner on Leesburg Pike does a good breakfast menu, and they have a suprisingly good mazoh ball soup.

              1. I like the huevos rancheros at Taqueria Poblano. The breakfast tacos at District Taco. Tallula and Eat Bar are good too. Restaurant Three, Sou'Wester (in DC but not far from Arlington), Boulevard Woodgrill and Lyon Hall. Most all are brunch places, except Sou'Wester, District Taco. I do like Luna for eggs and normal breakfast stuff. I also like Cassat's.

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                  breakfast tacos are not really any kind of breakfast, with all due respect KT -- at least someone who wants a "down home" breakfast.

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                    Great. Now I want a down home Oaxacan breakfast taco. Thanks a lot.

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                      well, if district taco is offering oaxacan breakfast tacos, then i feel sorry for the oaxacans.

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                      I guess it depends on where your down home is? It is one of my favorite breakfasts. Protein, not too much starch, a little veg. But I really like tex-mex. I also love me some huevos rancheros for breakfast. Maybe it's just me.

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                          you are right, KT. down home for me is sausage, eggs and grits. but i do like tex-mex, however their breakfast tacos to me are really skimpy. i prefer getting a cup of their pintos and doctoring them with those nice salsas. the coffee there is really good!

                    3. Dama serves Ethiopian breakfast. Maybe not what you had in mind?

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                          Silver Diner's "heart smart" menu seems to have been designed for those who suffer from flavor intolerance. The rest of the classic diner fare seems to have suffered as well. Bob & Edith's, any Greek/Italian diner, even the Tastee Diner is better. There are many reasons why they've been in and out of bankruptcy for the past decade. The food is definitely one of them.

                        2. Since you said 10 miles, I'll throw the option of Eastern Market into the mix.

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                          1. I've only been once, but Metro 29 was pretty good.

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                              Second that. Used to go for lunch once a week, and couldn't resist the French toast. Good prices and massive portions.

                            2. Hmm. Annandale might just be within 10 miles. I love a good bowl of jeonbokjuk (abalone porridge) or some Korean soup at Yechon for breakfast.

                              1. I haven't tried many things on Silver Diner's menu but their french toast is delish. I'm a fan of Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon but I think they only serve breakfast on weekends.

                                1. Celebrity Delly does great breakfasts and better-than-average reubens.

                                  1. I know you were looking for a good cinnamon roll a while back...Highly recommend Heidelberg Pastry in Arlington.