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Shad Roe

It seems a bit early for the season to be starting but I recently saw it on a restaurant menu so I'm wondering if the season is early this year. If anyone has seen it in a market in Montgomery Co. or NW DC, I'd really appreciate a heads up. This is my mother's favorite treat and her birthday is coming up.

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  1. Saw it at Whole Foods in Rockville a couple of weeks ago.

    1. Saw some at Sniders in Silver Spring on Thursday.

      1. It's been available for about a month now. I get it at Whole Foods and Wegmans. Probably have it at Eastern Market too.

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          Eastern Market does carry it in season (but call ahead) and in 10 years only once was the membrane damaged - I'll nick it myself before broiling thanks.

        2. Thank you all for your input!

          1. Not in MoCo or DC, but not far in AA County, Shoreline Seafood in Crofton/Gambrills has shad roe

            1. Kind of out of the way for you, but Faidley's in Lexington Market usually has it.

              1. Thank you again for your suggestions. They have appeared in the markets this week by me. The price will keep my mother from indulging ($9.99 for a set) even though it's a once-a-year treat for her. They used to be so cheap...

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                  I say when it's, for me, a once a year or even two year thing it is a justifiable treat. (just crumple and flush the receipt and don't tell her). dummy up and broil the bacon wrapped suckers (your method may vary).

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                    I wonder if you can cure/dry Shad roe like Mullet in making bottarga. Wouldn't that be a hoot !!

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                      I can't imagine why not - if you give it a shot let us know!

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                        Interesting thought, but I sure wouldn't know how.