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Feb 22, 2012 08:59 PM

Online caviar source [split from LA caviar thread]

I urge you to try the paddlefish caviar from Kelleys Katch. You can order it online -and they will send it to you packed in dry ice,within two days of your order. I have been using them for many years and have never been disappointed. cheaper than anything you have mentioned and it is really delicious. It's not salty,and very fresh . Perfect for blinis,baked potatoes and crime fraiche,and just eating with a spoon. yum !!

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  1. Good price especially if you order 7 oz or more. I'm a bit terrified to buy it online. They don't say much about how they pack it. How is it packed? Trying to figure out if I can rely on it for the first time.

    Thanks Pammi!

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      Just tried them on your recommend and...thank you! Cheaper than my other (impeccable) source and it was very good. I'm now a Kellys Katch convert.

      I was worried about how cold it would be, but it was packed well (the foam did not not feel cold on the outside so at first I was dreading opening it up. Then again, if it WAS cold, it wasn't doing its job - keep the contents cold, not the foam. A nicely sealed cube of foam, inside the two cans of caviar had three still slightly frozen cold packs - on on the top and bottom, another in between the two cans.).