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Feb 26, 2012 01:09 AM

LA restaurants w/private dining room for small wedding dinner

Hi all,

My husband & I will be having our marriage blessed in the church & we would like to celebrate with an intimate dinner. We will have about 40 guests. As it is a formal celebration, I am looking for more of an upscale restaurant with a private room for our party. My husband & I are in our early 30s so we'd like somewhere w/great food, nice/elegant atmosphere but not too stuffy. As far as price, we're looking to spend about $50-70 pp.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. You left out 3 very useful bits of information:

    1) What part of the greater L.A. Uber-opolis would work best ?

    - - (i.e., If your getting married in Laguna Beach, they a dinner suggestion in North Hollywood doesn't make any sense).

    2) Any type of cuisine to avoid ? (i.e., my husband doesn't like fish so no Sushi).

    3) .... " we're looking to spend about $50-70 pp." - Should one interpret that to mean "total" cost out the door ? - Meaning it includes tax, tip, and (adult) beverages ?

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    1. re: JBC

      Any part of Los Angeles would work. We are having the ceremony in Rowland Heights so going to LA (or even OC) wouldn't be a problem since it is pretty central & my guests won't mind even a 30-35 min drive. We are open to any cuisine, just as long as the food is good. We're definitely looking at more of a great food/romantic ambiance type of restaurant. As far as cost, $50-70 for food including tax/tip, but not including alcohol. We will pay separately for that. Thank you!

      1. re: crishah75

        Do you like Roast Beef (aka Prime Rib) ?

        Lawry's ~ Beverly Hills (well 100 yards away from the city line ?) - The Oak Room handles 40 to 80. The pricing $45 per/person (most affordable) with Tax & Tip = $59.50 approx.; add 1 (or 2 ?) carvers at $1.25 p/p p/carver = $61 p/p.

        I don't know if there's a extra room charge. I assuming not, but ?

        It may look stuffier than it really is from the pictures.

      1. il Cielo in Beverly Hills is perfect, romantic, great food and they will accomodate special requests.

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        1. re: nancy1351

          il Cielo is exactly the type of restaurant I was looking for! Thank you! & thank you, for the other suggestions as well!