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Feb 26, 2012 12:08 AM

7 favorite ingredients HELP!!

I have this dish ages ago at a Thai place on Geary(we're talkin 80's here). You had to take off your shoes to be seated and this item was on the menu, called 7 favorite were given trimmed pieces of butter lettuce and filled them with one each of a very small piece of
1. lime including rind
2. small square red onion
3. peanut,
4. shrimp
5. jalapeno,

Can anyone remeber last two?? The whole thing got a spoon of hoisin and lemon grass, but I don't think that was last 2 of the 7 favorites. Any ideas here??

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  1. This sounds like a version of miang kum. I would guess the other ingredients you are looking for are: ginger and toasted coconut.

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      Mermaid (long since closed in Berkeley) used to do a lovely version that used spinach. Soi 4 has it on their current dinner menu:

      miang kum Fresh cut mustard leaf wrap with roasted coconut, prawns, pomelo, fresh herbs, and sweet palm

    2. Khan toke thai house takes your shoes and was popular in the 80s from what ive read. From their menu "Meing Com* toasted coconut, peanuts, dried shrimp, lime, diced red onion, ginger, jalapeno and butter lettuce for wrapping served with lemongrass sauce"    

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        That was definitely Khan Toke, we always ordered that dish. It opened in the mid-70s and was the only Thai restaurant in SF until the early 80s.

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          Has anyone been there since they remodeled in mid-2011? I used to go there a lot, but noticed a decline in food quality the past year or so.

          hmm... the linked menu doesn't list one of my favorite dishes, the Bamee Haw Pauk Mon (egg noodle wrapped taro w/ vegetables). Granted, it was terrible the last time I went, and I remember it being difficult to locate on the menu. I think it might now be the vegetarian version of #52, Goong Non Hare.

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          That is exactly what we use at work except for the Lemongrass Sauce, we use a simple Tamarind Sweet and Sour Sauce. There are lots of other variations but I believe that this is the the most common ingredients list.

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            I've never had Miang Kum served with anything but tamarind sauce.

            Ankgor Borei has a good version, as do many Thai restaurants.

            Angkor-Borei Restaurant
            3471 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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                Me neither it was a poster further up the thread that mentioned the Lemongrass sauce, more than likely it was a tamarind based sauce as well.