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7 favorite ingredients HELP!!

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I have this dish ages ago at a Thai place on Geary(we're talkin 80's here). You had to take off your shoes to be seated and this item was on the menu, called 7 favorite ingredients.you were given trimmed pieces of butter lettuce and filled them with one each of a very small piece of
1. lime including rind
2. small square red onion
3. peanut,
4. shrimp
5. jalapeno,

Can anyone remeber last two?? The whole thing got a spoon of hoisin and lemon grass, but I don't think that was last 2 of the 7 favorites. Any ideas here??

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  1. This sounds like a version of miang kum. I would guess the other ingredients you are looking for are: ginger and toasted coconut.


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      Mermaid (long since closed in Berkeley) used to do a lovely version that used spinach. Soi 4 has it on their current dinner menu:

      miang kum Fresh cut mustard leaf wrap with roasted coconut, prawns, pomelo, fresh herbs, and sweet palm

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        That sounds really delicious!

    2. Khan toke thai house takes your shoes and was popular in the 80s from what ive read. From their menu "Meing Com* toasted coconut, peanuts, dried shrimp, lime, diced red onion, ginger, jalapeno and butter lettuce for wrapping served with lemongrass sauce"    

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        That was definitely Khan Toke, we always ordered that dish. It opened in the mid-70s and was the only Thai restaurant in SF until the early 80s.


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          Has anyone been there since they remodeled in mid-2011? I used to go there a lot, but noticed a decline in food quality the past year or so.

          hmm... the linked menu doesn't list one of my favorite dishes, the Bamee Haw Pauk Mon (egg noodle wrapped taro w/ vegetables). Granted, it was terrible the last time I went, and I remember it being difficult to locate on the menu. I think it might now be the vegetarian version of #52, Goong Non Hare.

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          That is exactly what we use at work except for the Lemongrass Sauce, we use a simple Tamarind Sweet and Sour Sauce. There are lots of other variations but I believe that this is the the most common ingredients list.

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            I've never had Miang Kum served with anything but tamarind sauce.

            Ankgor Borei has a good version, as do many Thai restaurants.

            Angkor-Borei Restaurant
            3471 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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              Angkor Borei's is great. #7 on the menu. http://www.cambodiankitchen.com/Menu....

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                Me neither it was a poster further up the thread that mentioned the Lemongrass sauce, more than likely it was a tamarind based sauce as well.