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Feb 25, 2012 10:37 PM

Raw Oysters

I had a dozen raw gulf oysters and a couple beers at Capt. Benny's on Friday night and enjoyed them immensely. The gulf oysters were medium in size, salty and good. I believe the cost was $8.00 a dozen. I've had them for double that price right across I-35. Although I didn't try them, they had three additional varieties. I realize this place is a minor chain and I didn't have the opportunity to venture further into the menu. That said, I really dug this funk little place and sitting at the bar inside the 'boat'. It was the first Fri. in lent and the joint was hopping. It reminded me of places I used to visit in Pascagoula, Pensacola, etc. and that was nostalgic. Where else can I get good raw oysters at a reasonable price?

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  1. good find. I love that place. the little shrimp diablos are good too.

    Quality seafood is just down the road and usually has 2-3 varieties of raw oysters. Usually they are in the 10-13 dollar range depending on what they have. they do fried seafood pretty well too. the calamari is sometimes awesome. sometimes its just fine. depends on how fresh the oil is i think.

    1. Pacific Star... 183 just north of Anderson Mill. Usually good plus I think they have another location in Round Rock.

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        Funny, I just happened to see the Pacific Star location in Round Rock today. I'm up that way fairly often, so I'll check it out.

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          I've eaten here a few times on my way to Express games. Pretty formidable oysters and beer at good prices. They're not bad on the deep fryer either.

      2. Another yay for Capt. Benny's. Pretty decent fried seafood and gumbo, too. If you sit in the boat, the bartender will take great care of you.

        1. Deckhand oyster bar has good ones too!

          1. Good price! Anywhere down S Austin?!?? Quality Seafood has good ones, but you get a better price if you buy the box. I think it's 100-ct for about $35.

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              I've seen a place in the Southpark Meadows center called Port A Oyster Bar, but I don't know anything about it.

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                Interesting... has anyone been yet?

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                  Port A Cafe. Very expensive for what you get. I stopped in a got an appetizer, some sort of shrimp spinach dip with fried flour tortillas and it tasted like like they used Cream of XXX soup with cheap bay shrimp. The Po Boys, for example, will run you about $14. Same owners as Serrano's and Ninfas, IIRC.

                  I won't be back.


                  1. re: sqwertz

                    yelp reviews from last year are horrible but have been better recently... hopefully they've improved.

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                      Sounds about on par with the rest of my Southpark Meadows experiences.... darn it, can't we just get something killer down there.

                      1. re: drdelicious

                        Jersey Mikes is the only place I've gone to more than once of my own accord. Peer pressure has driven to Steak and Shake a few times.