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Feb 25, 2012 09:03 PM

Dinner in Paso Robles, any opinions on Deborah's Room at Justin Winery?

I'll be spending one night at the winery's B&B and thought dinner there would be convenient. But I'm having second thoughts, as I haven't read anything about it on the boards. Has anyone been there or heard anything about it?

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  1. Not sure how familiar you are with Paso, so you may know this already. But Justin is pretty far out from the Paso Robles town center, and not that close to the seaside areas such as Cambria. So if a dark, somewhat long drive after dinner isn't your thing Deborah's room is your best bet regardless of dinner quality.

    I haven't personally been to Deborah's room so can't comment on that. If you do decide to do the drive, we've really liked Thomas Hill Organics and Il Cortile in Paso. Heard good things about Artisan but haven't been yet.

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      Since the sale of the Winery and it's operations, the Dining room no longer has the personal oversee of the former owners, Justin and Deb Baldwin. It was superb when they had a very well known chef, but today is unknown. I would call and inquire of the present status. It is a lovely, quiet place and can be very romantic if you are the only diners.

      1. re: Bruce in SLO

        Bruce, thanks for the update. I didn't know about the new owners.

        goldangl95, We stayed there and had dinner at Deborah's but it was a few years back, so can't accurately comment on it today. I did check Open Table. FWIW, the recent reviews seemed good. The room is small, nicely done with a cozy fireplace and I believe only about six tables. They serve lunch on a pretty outdoor patio.

        1. re: Gail

          Since you are staying at the Inn, I think you should try the dining room as reviews appear terrific. Please post an update following your visit.
          The place is lovely.

          1. re: Bruce in SLO

            We have dined twice at Artisan and absolutely love this place! You will not be disappointed in the food quality and innovative menus at Artisan. Yesterday we wanted to have lunch there but they were closed so we chose Panolivo. The Beef Bourgiognon was awesome, served with a side of fettucini. They have a great bakery at Panolivo, the Apricot Croissant we were planning on having for breakfast the next day didn't make it to our Pismo hotel. :)

            1. re: syrahgirl

              Love both Panolivo and Artisan as well. Have had great meals st both. Thomas Hill Organics is my next must try.