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Feb 25, 2012 08:50 PM

Fredericksburg, Va restaurants.

We will be going to Fredericksburg very often, and would like to hear of any good, non chain restaurants in that area. It's been a while since we've spent any time there, so we are not familiar with the area now. Not only do we need dinner places, but good sandwich restaurants also.

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  1. I live here in Fredericksburg, and think there are many good non-chain restaurants here. I have by no means eaten in all of them, but I do have some reviews up on my site,
    Do you have an interest in any particular type of restaurant? I am not really a "fancy" restaurant kind of guy, but I can make some suggestions, based on my experience.

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      Thanks so much. Basilico's sounds very interesting. Will definately try. A nice seafood restaurant in the area would be nice, also. We don't need "fancy" , just good, fresh seafood.

      1. re: basketwoman

        Seafood is kind of difficult in the immediate Fredericksburg area. Believe it or not, the grocery store Wegmans has a seafood counter that we like to go to, when we want a nice piece of grilled fish. The other option is to get seafood at a local sushi or Thai place. Garnjana has a seafood special that we like; the dish is listed as a special, but they seem to have it all of the time.

        It seems like most people go to Bonefish these days here, but you were looking non-chain. We ate there once, and it was okay, but really crowded and did not stick out as a great place.

        I will keep my ears open for seafood, and post back if I hear anything interesting.

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          Yes definitely avoid Bonefish it is everything I dislike about chains, including overpriced overhyped bland food in a too-crowded atmosphere.

          1. re: alphageek

            I thought about going to Wegmans. Glad to hear that it is good. We've been to Bonefish and were looking for a different type place. We would even be interested in a good steak if that is possible there. Thanks for your help.

      2. How do you feel about BBQ? I may know a place or two and could dig it out of my memory.

        Also of course, if you haven't been, hit Carl's Custard Stand, it is a local favorite:)

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          I was going to mention Carl's. I used to work across the street from it :-)

          1. re: PenskeFan

            BBQ is okay if you know a good place. We've been to Carl's Custard Stand. YUM!

            1. re: basketwoman

              Any other reviews? Good thai or ethnic?

              1. re: beauxgoris

                A few quickly come to mind.

                We like Pho Saigon for the Pho they are named after.
                Garnjana is pretty good Thai food.
                Choi's Korean Kitchen is a very friendly place to get some Korean food.

                You can read our opinions on these restaurants, at the link above. I don't want to just keep logging on and posting our link.

                Is Asian influenced food what you are looking for?

          2. Sammy T's in the historic district on Caroline Street has vegetarian like falafel's and sandwiches, chili, reasonably priced, tin ceilings, booths, and a bar. Been here 20 or more years.

            For a nice dinner out, The Bavarian Chef has great German food in the old train station. Entrees around 20-25.

            El Asador at 100 Old Greenwich Dr. off Lafayette Blvd is not fancy-tv with Spanish soap operas playing-reasonably priced- El Salvadoran food.

            1. Alladin on Rt 3 (2032 Plank Rd) is a favorite for really fresh ingredients Middle Eastern, possibly Lebanese-not sure. Reasonably priced. Has a non-smoking room and a separate Hooka bar that's very popular with the college crowd.

              Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen off William Street on Charles Street has really good Italian-a little more expensive.

              Down the street at 311 William Street, French man and chef that worked in D.C. and then started his own restaurant many years ago in Fredericksburg, very good French food, La Petite Auberge. Not more than chains like Outback or Bonefish.

              For a fun summer lunch or night try Rick's on the River(Potomac River) in Fairview Beach 540-775-4600-they have limited hours-call first. Has a bar on the beach with sand toys for kids.

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                Thanks for the info. Things have changed, and we won't be spending as much time in Fredericksburg as once thought. But, at least we have recs if we do go. thanks agian