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Feb 25, 2012 08:19 PM

Joe's Stone Crab Question

We are visiting this week and staying in the West Palm Beach area. Considering driving down to Joe's Stone Crab on Monday night since my husband has always wanted to go there. Does anyone have any idea how long the wait usually is on a Monday night? We don't mind the drive, but dont want to shlep down there and then have to wait for 2 hours for a table. I am guessing we would arrive around 6:30-7:00. Thanks for any info....

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  1. Difficult question to answer......If I were you I would schlep down their and be there when they open....and there will be little to no wait at all......The SoBe Wine & Food Festival was this past weekend and there could be folks still in town and headed to Joe's and that could mean a line....But I'm thinking that 6:30 to 7:00 for a table for two won't be too awfully bad.....and on a Monday night.....

    Ft, Pierce, FL

    1. Can you go for lunch? We usually arrive right around opening time and there is never a wait.

      Have fun.

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      1. re: croissantkelly

        is same menu available for lunch and dinner? could not find a dining room lunch menu online. thanks!

        1. re: shekamoo

          No, the lunch menu is a little different, but the stones are always available.

      2. If you're not all that fussed about eating in the restaurant itself, you could go round to the Takeout and order with their counter service.

        1. Thanks all. We can't get there at opening time or for lunch since we have young kids with us and won't have babysitting until around 5:30 (don't want to drag the kids along!). Turns out I made a reservation at Truluck's in Boca and coincidentally they have an all you can eat deal on stone crabs on Mondays. Maybe we will make it to Joe's next time around...

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          1. re: valerie

            What is Truluck's charging for AYCE stone crabs?

            1. re: CJT

              I just called - $59. Worth considering, unless they are all medium. I didn't ask that part.
              EDIT: I called back. Medium. With unlimited soup, salad, and sides.
              There's nothin' like jumbo- I would hold out for jumbo. (And then there's colossal...)

              1. re: Veggo

                Selects are better. I did a taste test after being challenged on this exact subject.

                1. re: tpigeon

                  Those are the lil' fellas. Like eating pistachios. How are they better? I like a big bite, but I'll listen. Thanks.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    They are sweeter and they are between medium and large.

                  2. re: tpigeon

                    I don't have much experience with stone crabs. On Truluck's menu, I see medium, large and jumbo. Where do select fit in?

                        1. re: tpigeon

                          "Selects" I think may be mostly a Joe's thing, and they are between medium and large. They're also my favorites, best ratio of sweetness & texture to work. As you work your way up to larger sizes I find the meat is stringier and less flavorful.

                          1. re: Frodnesor

                            Selects work for me as well.......

                            I once at 100 of them at Monty's and set their "house record".......

                            That was a long, long time ago.....

                            Ft. Pierce, FL

                            1. re: Frodnesor

                              For the record, Frod was the one who enlightened me years ago on this subject.

              2. You might want to save yourself a trip and go to Billy's Stone Crab in Hollywood. Most excellent stones. Also, the Truluck mediums are surprisingly good.

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                1. re: Alfred G

                  I ate 34 at Trulucks Brickell AYCA///they were impressed! They had told me large, and most were. 69$

                  1. re: Alfred G

                    I wouldn't do that. I would go to joes way before billy's . Drive included.