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Feb 25, 2012 07:57 PM

Any ideas of where to have a kosher wedding in the NY/NJ area (including Westchester) in november? $100-150 a person...

I have a few places already like Crest Hollow, Marina Del Rey, VIP country club in new rochelle, terrace on the park and Hilton Woodcliff Lake in NJ, I wanna maybe look at some more hotels, but really anything helps. ASAP PLEASE

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Lake Terrace in Lakewood NJ is a beautiful place, has a huge hall, and has good prices and great food. You can have a moderately priced dinner or go all out. It does require separate dancing but not separate seating at the dinner/

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        i kind of don't want to go too far into NJ, any suggestions for a little closer to NYC area?

      2. Whenever one makes an inquiry about wedding options one must ALWAYS include approximately how many people will be attending. Many venue options have minimums, some places are too small, some would be too big all depending on how many will be attending . To get the correct fit one needs to know more than cost per person.

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        1. Excelsior in Staten Island can hold that many. Also Marina Del Ray in the Bronx (near the Throgs Neck Bridge) holds that many people and food is very good.
          Atrium in Monsey can hold that many, but requires separate seating and dancing.
          Crest Hollow Country Club in Long Island also nice, but pretty far out on the island.
          The Rockleigh is beautiful and can also hold that many guests.

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            Try Mauzone at The Sands of Atlantic Beach.

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              At one point the Sands was advertising a package for $49/pp this link will show what they were offering at that point in time for that money.


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              The Atrium in Monsey doesn't require separate seating, unless this policy was imposed within the last year. I've been to many mixed-seated functions there.