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Feb 25, 2012 07:56 PM

Jin Ramen on Broadway and 125th street

This store front had not been lucky for business in the past but maybe it's because they weren't food related before. Right off of the 1 train at 125 street stop, between 125th and Tiemann Place there is now a Ramen shop next door to the newly relocated pastry/coffee shop, Chocolat.

They offer five Ramens: Shio, Shoyu, Tonkotsu, Spicy Tonkotsu and Miso. My last ramen was Setagaya Ramen on St. Marks. The time before that was Santoku Ramen in Mitsuwa's food court in NJ. While I'll wait for the Ramen experts on the board for definitive reviews, I favor the pork slices from Jin Ramen the most so far. Thinner slices but with such delicate and tender flavorful fatty bits. Jin's Shio broth is lighter than Santoku's Shio broth, but well balanced. In fact Jin's Tonkotsu broth (their "creamy 6-hour pork broth") is rich like Santoku's basic broth. The egg is cooked medium in the yolk, similar to Setagaya. The noodle is another area I hope to hear from the experts: seems that every Ramen place uses a different type of ramen. What I had tonight is promising but might have been a bit under soaked. One plus for Jin Ramen is their willingness to accommodate vegetarians with vegetarian broth for both the shio and shoyu ramen. In any case, the neighborhood is happy to finally have its own corner noodle shop. Business is good!

3187 Broadway. 646 559 2862.

Jin Ramen
3187 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

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  1. While I am by no means a ramen expert, I know what I like--and I like this place! The spicy tonkotsu broth was incredibly creamy and satisfying as a whole. And the kara-age was tasty as well--I could've easily eaten the whole dish myself but was sharing with one other person.

    It's exciting to have a quality ramen place open up in Harlem. It was pretty packed the night we went and hopefully will remain so. I'll defintely be going back.

    Serious Eats review:

    1. HLing, how glad I am to have you reporting! And thanks for the heads up on the vegetarian options. I am totally looking forward to dragging my family here!

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        Rose Water! It's so nice to see a familiar name and the ever-welcoming kindness :)

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          Took the family there tonight. The Spicy Tonkotsu was deep, rich, creamy and satisfying. The extra pork slices on top were melt-in-your-mouth and deeply flavored. My meatless daughter had the Shio with a seafood broth, which was delicious, infused with yuzu pepper and "7 spices." . Lots of extras available for tossing on top. The noodles were firm, springy, and very fresh. The appetizer menu has edamame, kara-age, and a variety of salads. Apparently, pork buns and shishito peppers soon to come. We ate at the bar and the chef, Mark, was friendly and clearly interested in competing with the east village purveyors, which he knew well. Very knowledgeable about the various kitchen techniques required for the different broths. Reasonable sake and beer menu. And only a 15 min wait (Weds night) as opposed the the usual >1 hr at Ippudo. We will be regulars. Strongly recommend.

      2. This is an awesome review, HLing. Thanks!!! Is it the only ramen joint in the neighborhood?

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          It's the only ramen joint within 60 blocks.

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            Au contraire! Naruto is a scant 45ish blocks away, at 3rd & 90th. Which is not exactly "in the neighborhood," of course. (I'm in a hairsplitting mood.)

        2. I went there last week and I have to say, it was delicious and probably the best ramen I've had in the city. I tried a few other things with my husband like the kani salad, which was pretty addictive. I had to control myself from ordering more.

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            We've been going once a week for family dinners, and it's been consistent and excellent. With friendly and attentive wait staff. 15-20 minute wait on average.

          2. For anyone interested, Jin Ramen is now serving lunch.

            I went back the other night to have Tonkotsu. It seemed that the thinness of the pork slices weren't able to hold up to the richness of the broth. I'm thinking I'd go back to ordering the shio ramen next time. unless they make the pork slices different for different broths.