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Feb 25, 2012 04:25 PM

Top choices for Beijing?

I'm going to Beijing for the first and maybe last time on business soon. I will have only two or three opportunities to have lunch or dinner on my own. I'll eat anything but would love to get some guidance on restaurants I should not miss out on. Thanks!

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  1. 3 Guizhou Men for Ghizhou cusine ( I especially liked the fried ribs) , Noodle Loft for Shaanxi style noodles and zha jiang mian.

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    1. re: Steve

      Thanks Steve. I appreciate your recommendation and I'll definitely give it a try and report back.

      1. re: Steve

        Having read many great things about it, I've wanted to try Three Guizhou Men since my first trip to BJ a year ago.

        I stay near Sanlitun/GongTi, so I looked for the GongTi restaurant on my first trip and couldn't find it. I assumed it was because the signs were in Chinese - which I can't read. However, I my last trip I learned it had closed.

        Do you know, are any of the Three Guizhou Men locations open? CityWeekend lists two locations, but the comments indicate at least one of them is closed. And there haven't been updates or comments in over a year.

        I am returning to BJ later this month. If this restaurant is still open, I'd love to give it a try.

        1. re: thomco

          I just got back from Beijing on April 24th. My last meal was at Three Guizhou Men on April 23rd . It is in the SOHO section of Beijing, where there are lots of tall office buildings. I can
          try to find the address for you. I had the lamb rib---they call it something like beef rib, it is 78 CNY, and it was incredible. It is on the main floor, well labeled, in a very well traveled section of Beijing. Please let me know if I should try to get the address for you and the subway stop. Oh---my other 2 dishes were nothing to speak of, but this particular dish, which is their signature dish, was astounding.

          1. re: EZM

            Was it the fried rib pictured in the menu?

            1. re: Steve

              I did not see a "fried rib" though I do not remember the whole menu. There were pictures and some bad translations. The large rib with black beans, peanuts, peppers, etc., was pictured, but it was lamb, and it was braised for certain. The pictures are pretty good and the translations are not...but, I do know that mine is
              on the top of a page and costs 78 RMB (CNY). And, Chinese people near me who spoke English, said that I ordered the best thing (but I had read somewhere else, that it was their signature dish).

              1. re: EZM

                This website has a photo of the fried spare ribs at 3 Guizhou Men:


          2. re: thomco

            I just found the address of the Three Guizhou Men branch , that I went to on April 23rd and just wrote about. It is: Jianwai Sotto, Building 7, 39 Don Sanhuan Zhonzlo. And the metro stop is

            1. re: EZM

              Thanks EZM. I'm glad you had an amazing meal. I didn't get to Three Guizhou sadly, but I enjoyed Noodle loft. I am going back later this year and will definitely try Three Guizhou this time.

              1. re: EZM

                Excellent! Thanks EZM.

                I will definitely be giving it a try on this visit.