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Feb 25, 2012 04:11 PM

Dining recs in Latin Quarter

We will be in an apartment on the Rue Mouffetard for a week in April. We're with two kids, so not looking for michelin stars, but good bistros and ethnic. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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  1. Le Papilles at intersection of St. Jacques and Gay Lusac. Very kid friendly food, I would think.

    1. "Ethnic" as in native to France? There are lots of recommendations already on the board for the 5, 6 and 7eme.

      1. I agree with Mangeur, Papilles serves solid food, family style. Also close to Rue Mouffetard is Dans Les Landes (which I haven't yet tried), Des Vouges and Agrumes. For ethnic, there is AU P'tit Cahoua for decent Moroccan cuisine...just follow Mouffetard downhill until you reach Blvd. St. Marcel, take a left and it is about 2 blocks. there are also 2 decent brasseries at the bottom of the Mouffetard/St. Medard quarter; the rather upscale Marty and the more down to earth Canons des Gobelins, right at the Gobelins metro.

        1. We had a good lunch this summer at Le Reminet and saw that they were very accommodating to a couple with small children.

          1. Could you explain what you mean by ethnic? Which ethnic cuisine? After all, every cuisine is an ethnic cuisine for somebody.

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              Just checked the trap and saw all of your answers. Thanks a lot. By ethnic I meant food not native to France, and particular to different ethnic groups -Moroccan, Vietnamese, etc. This is a common figure of speech in America.

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                Dans Les Landes has great tapas, which kids and adults like. And it is very near you.
                Is Basque ethnic? :-)