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Feb 25, 2012 04:05 PM

have ribeye, cast iron skillet, but no grill ...

and am drooling over the idea of a sinfully sauced up steak for dinner tomorrow. My go to when such a mood hits me, is usually Julia's steak au poivre, but I want to try something new .. any favourites to steer me towards? Thanks!

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  1. This is for a very thick steak. Am. Test Kitchen had a show on it a few months back. Salt meat and let sit out, put in 270 degree oven for 25 minutes. When it comes out it looks lousy. Little oil in a very hot pan. Sear each side, and edges, about a minute each. Rest the meat! Served with a chx stock, red wine and mushroom sauce with thyme in the same pan with brownings, a lil mustard, balsamic and butter to finish it off.

    1. Crumbled Spanish Chorizo and Cabrales(Blue cheese) Butter, or sauce if you like a little cream with you red meat pork and cheese.
      Red Wine Sauce and Bone Marrow
      Smoked onion and Foie Gras sauce, Veal Stock based and emulsified with Foie butter. Truffle also a great addition.

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        I have a cast iron ridged skillet and the way I treat a ribeye, fillet or T bone is this:
        Heat up the pan dry for about 15 min. Add a large knob of butter or olive oil if you are health conscious! Immediately drop the steak in before the butter or oil burns. Turn the heat way up and brown that side. Then turn it over and do the other side. Its been in the pan for maybe 8 minutes max by now. From then on I finish it in the oven to meet my fussy families likes and preferences.
        For flavour I rub in freshly ground black pepper before browning it.

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          What degree oven? If I like med-well, how long in oven? thanks.